Here’s how a 43-year old corporate traveler brought down his type 2

Here’s how a 43-year old corporate traveler brought down his type 2

written by: Mrs. Rachna Chhachhi
by: Mrs. Rachna Chhachhi
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Sameer Anjaria is a telecom professional in India, where the telecom market is buzzing and never asleep. His job is to look after the North Eastern part of India, comprising 7 states and geographically it's bigger than the entire United Kingdom! He came to me with the usual lifestyle issues senior professionals his age face in any part of the world. At 43, he was diabetic, with high cholesterol, hypertension, low vitamins status, stressed out and overweight. Over and above these, he lived out of company guest houses and was on the road, while his family stayed in Gujarat, India. In short, there was no "controlled" environment where I could heal him, and I had to help him find a way of changing his lifestyle within this ecosystem.

"I had been living with diabetes for the past 10 years and had come to accept it as a part of my life and tried to control it with medications. Frequent travel, late nights at work and a hectic lifestyle associated with demands of a corporate career meant making deviations from the ideal path meant to be followed to control diabetes. When I was put on the holistic healing by Rachna, there was some skepticism on my ability to follow the same especially given my travels to remote areas in the North East," says Sameer.

And then we began. Sameer's guest house cook had to be taught how to make the simple clean recipes that Sameer needed. His determination drove him to seek out food choices even in local highway dhabas and he did his simple routine of exercises and pranayamas in guest houses across the North East during his travel, which completely amazed me. Here was someone who could have hidden behind a barrage of excuses, but he just found the solution I was guiding him towards.

Says Sameer: "But over the past few months, a strict implementation of the regime despite all the challenges has really worked wonders with my diabetes coming fully under control. This is an incredible feeling. In 45 days, my HbA1C came down from 7.4 to 5.8! This just proves that with professional guidance and a small dose of determination, diabetes can be brought under control!"

Sameer has reversed his type 2 diabetes without medication. When will you reverse yours? You can do this via my online plan or via a check in at my residential healing centre, Restore. The good news is, type 2 diabetes can be reversed with lifestyle changes, so start your journey today.