How Does Focus and Follow Through Help Your Vitality Pursuits?

How Does Focus and Follow Through Help Your Vitality Pursuits?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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Since we're sending our newsletter on Monday this week I thought I'd start you out with a great inspirational action plan for being and staying on track as a student of the Quantum Activations Program, a boss or employee and parent ...or how ever your life as a leader learner shows up.

If you're in one of our year-long programs, especially if you're a Trailblazer Apprentice you're going to need to hone these skills as you clear the clutter and distraction from your life, and step into more full self expression.

Sunday Plan Setting (15-20 minutes)

Take some time Sunday afternoon or evening to get quiet and focus on what you would like to accomplish in the coming week. Use paper and pen or colored marker, but I want you to physically write out what you 3 priorities you are intent on accomplishing. At this time you might also assign tasks to each day that will support your accomplishment of that goal, i.e. attend a class on youthful beauty, create a chart on clearing up skin issue on my foot and do the clearing and step up my meditation focus.

Monday shut off distractions and get into focus and action

Jump in on Monday by shutting off your access to social media and perhaps texting, whatever pulls you away from staying on track with your goals and devote focused time where your entire focus is on moving ahead. Perhaps your goal is on generating funds so that you're able to join in more of the specialized or premier trainings, or maybe build a down payment for home ownership. What can you sell? What work can you hire yourself out for? What can you affirm and move into outer action to create a tidal wave of wealth flowing to you?

Delegate with good instruction.

You may be doing lots of things that are just time wasters, not actually moving you towards your goal. Take a few extra minutes, or whatever time it takes to delegate properly what you want done, what the result you are looking for is and then let the task that was a time waster get done by another who is able and can work on busy work.

I heard an idea this week that got me wondering: Busy people are lazy people. I think the gist of 'lazy' is that they are too busy with meaningless busy activities to focus in on the stuff that really matters. You may need to take some time to plan your week, month, year and beyond, and your planning and goals may change but I can guarantee you you're far better off with a plan than not. When working towards full self expression, and the huge blessing your beautiful life and what you have brought into this incarnation to accomplish out...this is far more important to hone in on and accomplish.

At the end of people's lives the number one thing they say when asked if they could do life over again, what would you want different? They say I wish I had spent more time on the things that really matter. You do this by organizing, planning, taking actions that matter and quelling distractions now - today.

As we begin to open the door for our new year of Apprentices to come in this September, it's an exciting and very energized time here at the Academy. Our team is busy with preparation to welcome in all the new students stepping up into a larger life of full self expression and joy! I invite you to be one of our new year-long students and enjoy your journey of rapid transformation!