How does Karma get Created?

How does Karma get Created?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Karma created Karma created

Rectification is in full force as we look to address areas out of sync, or not aligned with truth in this year of awareness and correction. One of our topics of discussion in our Karma Clearing training this week was on how karmic debt gets created. The conversation began as I'd been made aware of a person who'd attended 3 of my training, plagiarized my promotion copy and then taught my class using my techniques. So having not been fully trained or authorized by me to facilitate she's created quite a predicament for herself.

We looked also at stealing, bankruptcy and tax evasion. Each creates a karmic debt, but it is so much more than just the word karma.

In relation to the woman who taught my program, in addition to leaving herself open for a lawsuit for plagiarism she has put all of this into action:

Nature of: amalgamated, controlling damaging, Demonic, Evil, Intertwined, Illusional, observing, parasitical, suppressing

Areas of the Blueprint: perception, essence, Matter, energy, genesis, embodiment, quantum, amplification

Programs: Karma, Mental timeline, black sheep, Death is better, Undeserving, emotional timeline, Avaricious, unworthy, energetic timeline, scapegoat, shunned, adrift, Contracts, feebleness, undignified

Emotional & mental anchors: bitterness, prideful, revulsion, rear guilt, covetous, distress, terror, desire, humiliation, hatred, sorrow, nervous, helplessness, crushed, hassled, burden, frazzled, longing, desperate, overwhelmed, misery, melancholy, dishonesty, unforgiving, scorned

Anchors embedding demonic stops mechanism starts rays, tubes, alter ego scions, implants coil

Spiritual interferences Draconian 7, H 13, I 25

Have you ever wondered how and why karma gets created? Taking, stealing, acquiring that which doesn't belong to you is 40% of how karmic debt comes into being.

In this very important training we covered ex's as well as financial debt unpaid. You can still get into this class and catch up by reviewing the first 3 trainings.this coming week we are going to be working to release karma with countries and organizations. We began the conversation by talking about the impact of tax evasion setting up karma with a country. What are you doing that doesn't feel quite ethical, or perfectly impeccable? It is likely causing ripples of karmic debt. Enroll in Karma Clearing and learn/clear.

Students were wondering why we'd changed to having only payment plans for the year-long programs. In 2017 we wrote off $60,000 of bad debt. Students that did not honor their contract to pay us for trainings and services we provided. We do not want to help people get into karmic debt with us. It's bad juju for us as a community.

Karma is such an interesting topic...and so much more than what you might first imagine. You can stop creating new karmic debt when you become aware and change you way of being, it's that simple.