How Exercise Can Benefit for Your Mental Health

How Exercise Can Benefit for Your Mental Health

written by: Mr. Christopher Simon
by: Mr. Christopher Simon
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Have you ever had a period in your life where you have been going the gym regularly and going the gym is a necessity of your week to week routine? Have you ever had a period in your life where you haven't been going the gym and your best friend is the TV remote?

I think it is safe to say that most of us have experienced the polarizing difference of both. Now, think about which time you look back at more fondly. Was it when you were one with the couch or one with your body. I am not trying to preach to you or sell you a gym membership because I am not a salesman, I am a personal trainer by trade but you guys don't care about that. You people have come here because life has strange sense of opposition that protrudes through its helixes. We all want to understand our lives, our relationship and ourselves and we look for means to explore this. Some people jump out of planes after a parachute bag, some people enjoy teaching other people how to do what they love, some people don't care much at all and other find alleviation through the means of fitness.

Studies consistently show how that exercise is just as beneficial to your body as it is to your mind. Nicola Gates, a clinical psychologist from the University of New South Wales, believes that exercise is beneficial to your body because "Aerobic fitness is important to allow your heart to pump a good supply of blood to the brain". She also determines that "Resistance training or weight training is beneficial because anything that pits your body against gravity such as Yoga or Pilates – works your muscles, which helps stimulate growth changes in the brain. Anything that challenges the brain is good for it". This is interesting but a valid point because the brain is like any other muscle and it works better when stimulated.

Sources claim that just 30 minutes of exercise a day will boost your brain-power extensively.

This is because there is a part of your brain called the 'hippocampus'. Think of a camp of hippopotamus in your head and you need more exercise (just joking). This part of the brain is responsible for memory. Exercise stimulates this part of the brain because "exercise stimulates the neuroplasticity, which is essential for learning". Due to this brain increases its capacity for learning new ideas. This is just one study that confirms how exercise impacts your mind positively.

Another study carried out at the University of Copenhagen measured the retention of people before and after a workout. They found that exercise extended the retention of the subject's attention when performing a task. For instance, if your heart rate is at a high level after performing a task that involves your motor skills you will be a lot more likely to consolidate memories of the exercise by means of muscle memory. So we can conclude that our focus is multiplied during times of physical stimulation.

These examples are a few taken from many. The research is certainly credible and proves the positive oscillation between the mind and body. They are two of the same transfixed in a concord of complimentary biology. Gates also explains why a positive mental attitude is parallel to an active lifestyle. She says 'When we exercise the body releases endorphins which are feel good neuro-transmitters. When we have got those it is hard to be depressed". This means that exercise can combat anxiety and clinical depression. Exercise is the sustenance that provides the nutrients that are the endorphins (natural happiness), to our body.

This is all just information for you lovely people to digest. There is no need to take it as gospel. I would like if I wasn't impressed by the scientific research though. Most of you reading his will either be reaffirming what you already knew or about to act on your desire to be one, with body and mind. This is further proof that our community is over the precipice and continuing forward into what promises to be a new step in the practices of physiology and psychologically. The two used to be mutually exclusive but the mean of exercises such as Yoga and conditioning further reinstate the methods of our community. This should be celebrated. Give yourselves a pat on the back wonderful people and get a omega filled smoothie for good measure.