How I Lowered My Blood Pressure Naturally by Taking These 3 Inexpensive

How I Lowered My Blood Pressure Naturally by Taking These 3 Inexpensive

written by: Mr. José de la Torre
by: Mr. José de la Torre
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About a year ago, the stress of life seemed to be getting to me. I was working full time, had two small children, and never seemed to have a moment to myself.

To make things worse, my health was deteriorating. Every time I went into the doctor's office, my cholesterol and triglycerides were too high, and my blood pressure was going up and up and up. Finally the doctor diagnosed me with hypertension and put me on some medications to help lower my blood pressure. During the day, it would easily get up to 150/100, which is abnormally high.

Now, I am not a health professional, so I would encourage you to consult with your physician first prior to making any changes. If you also have high blood pressure, do not stop taking whatever medications your doctor has prescribed. Even so, I found there were some things I could do in addition to the medicines, that lowered my blood pressure back to normal levels, and eventually allowed me to get off the prescription medications.

1. Eat Bananas

The first thing I started doing was eating two or three bananas a day. Bananas have a lot of potassium in them, which can help reduce blood pressure. I started eating a banana with my breakfast, and one at lunch. Then I started just eating two bananas over lunch.

Every week, I make a special trip to the grocery store to get myself plenty of bananas for the week. I would make sure that I also bought some green bananas at the beginning of the week, so that I would have some ripened bananas by the end of the week, and not mushy brown ones!

Unless you're allergic to bananas, or the thought of eating bananas makes you wretch, I'd recommend eating at least two bananas every day.

2. Take Garlic

When I first heard about the benefits of garlic, I started buying cloves of garlic, and would swallow an entire clove every morning. My wife would ask, "You've taken garlic today, haven't you?" She could smell it on me. I suppose I had garlic breath for a while. Finally she told me, "You know, they make garlic supplements you can take, and they won't make your breath stink!"

I love garlic! I love it in food, and I'll even swallow it raw. There are many health benefits to garlic - it is antibacterial, as well as antiviral. In addition, it is wonderful for your heart,

and also helps lower your blood pressure.

At the behest of my dear wife, I now only take garlic in supplement form, and no longer consume raw garlic cloves. They make supplements that don't give off an odor, and don't give you bad breath! I've tried taking different types of garlic supplements.

The one that I have found to be the most beneficial is the 2000mg solid tab. It is a small white tab that is not hard to swallow, and it is odorless as well. I take one or two in the morning, and one or two in the evening. I don't think it is possible to take too much garlic. While the soft gels work as well, they are not nearly as potent as this small white tab, which you can get at any pharmacy. They can be found in the vitamin section of the store.

As a side benefit, I discovered that mosquitos can detect the garlic in your body, and stay away from sucking your blood. Perhaps there is something to the myth of vampires despising garlic! I always wondered why my wife would get bitten by dozens of mosquitos whenever we were outside, but I was hardly ever bitten. Now I know what it was - it was the garlic!

3. Take Omega-3s

Finally, along with eating bananas every day and taking garlic supplements every day, I also take some kind of Omega3 supplement, also several in the mornings, and several in

the evenings before I go to bed.

I used to take Fish Oil, which contained at least 360mg of Omega-3s in every pill. These pills are larger, elongated soft gels that can be a little harder to swallow. Recently I have found a combination of Flax Oil, Fish Oil, and Borage Oil that not only contains beneficial Omega-3s, but also Omega-6s and Omega-9s as well. The potency in this combination is also higher than what you would get with just plain Fish Oil.

Experts recommend getting the most expensive Fish Oil you can afford, as the quality improves dramatically. However, getting Fish Oil supplements does not need to be expensive. If you can find the combination with the Flax Oil and Borage Oil, those are actually less expensive than just pure Fish Oil. Most of the Omega-3 supplements tend to be odorless as well, so you don't have to worry about burping up fish.


The combined effect from eating bananas, taking garlic pills, and swallowing fish oil supplements was not immediate. Do not expect your blood pressure to go back to normal overnight, or even after one or two weeks. After several months of following this regime, I noticed that my blood pressure began to stabilize on its own. In addition, after a long period of time, my cholesterol level has also dropped, and my triglycerides also fell to within normal range!

Now, I no longer need to take any prescription medications for controlling my blood pressure. That's less money out of my pocket for prescriptions, less doctor's visits and co-pays, and less worrying about my high blood pressure! All I need to worry about now is having enough bananas for the week, and making sure I have enough garlic and fish oil supplements to take several a day.

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