How Our Attention Creates Our Experiences

How Our Attention Creates Our Experiences

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Attention creates experiences Attention creates experiences

Where are you focusing your energy? Are you spending your time loving or hating? What are you really aligning with in your life?

It seems that most people these days lead themselves to believe they are loving; but all they do is share about what they hate. They will tell me that they are happy; but all they talk about or post about is what they are angry with. So it seems to me that either people are getting wrapped up in some serious dramas, they are choosing to present themselves as something they are not, or they are not what they believe they are.

It is so easy to focus on what we don't like, or what pushes a button with us; however, this is a sure sign that we are seeing life only through the human eyes. When we look only with our human eyes, we will see mostly that which we don't like. This is because seeing through the human eyes,is like looking at things with tunnel vision; we think we are seeing it all, when in reality we do not.

Now, there are also others that say; but we shouldn't ignore the other pieces that we don't like either. Agreed. However, opening to full vision we do not ignore or condone the other pieces. Also, just because we see the light in someone making bad decisions doesn't mean we have to expose ourselves to the harm that comes from their decisions.

Having been born as a Scorpio, I have never easily let go of things. Most of my life I spent holding on to my anger, resentment, and wanting those that hurt me to suffer immensely. However, in the long run, it was myself that I hurt. The more that I focused on how "evil" and "mean" and "condescending" they were; and the pain that I got from them, well the more of it I saw and got.

Now, some will say; "but, I focused on their light...and saw the good in them...but they didn't change". This is one of the ironies. We cannot change them or force them to change. However, when we choose to see the light, more of that will open.

However, this is not just about seeing the light in someone that makes poor choices, that is too afraid to change. This is about realizing that there is more to their story than what we see. There are always horrors behind those that are abusers; and within them still strongly lies the victim; scared and terrified and trying to survive. We often believe those of privilege have it easy; but I have learned that the horrors run bigger and deeper among the elite, than others; and walking away for them is often suicide. It is like having no escape from the nightmare; being unable to wake from a terrifying dream.

No, I don't condone, their choices or actions. However, it comes back to what will we focus on. Are we really going to focus on them or us? The more that we put our attention on those shining their lights. The more we pay attention to what gives us true joy, and lasting joy; such as focusing on those things that do open our hearts; then the more we can enjoy life, and the more of that we will experience.

Orlie taught me this well. She didn't give attention to that which she didn't like. She noticed them, was aware of them; and then shifted and looked for what was full of light and joy. She didn't dwell on the challenges of yesterday; but started each day with an enthusiasm and ready for an adventure.

I see so many spiraling these days; and I even find myself in them at times. They are the spirals of worries, anxieties, and challenges. The things that provide unpleasant experiences for us; but we just refuse to let go.

I have learned over the years; and was reminded often by Orlie to let go of it. It isn't worth hanging onto. This is why things come in bundles on either side. It is connected to what we choose to feel, and put our attention on. What often shifts us out of our blessings, it is worrying about when it is going to end. Those that seem to ride endless waves of abundance, are constantly celebrating those feelings of abundance.

In the realm of codes attention runs on a pattern of abundance. Our attention is actually a tool for taking command or being in command of our life. It is the power of the mind to create. It is the ability to carry out what we think about or put our focus on.

By nature it is to bring us favorable fortune and blessings. However, the way it works is to give us an abundance of whatever we think about; to be victorious in what we trust and sit in stillness with. So the choice is yours. You can help people bring out their light without even being in their life, simply by seeing their assets. You can bring out the best in yourself by focusing on what you love about yourself and what you love to do. You can create a life you love, by focusing your attention on what gives you joy and creates a loving heart.

The peacefulness we experience in life is based on how much we are willing to let go; and how much we are willing to put our attention on what is peaceful. Love comes to us, when we focus on what opens our heart in love. How others see us and what they will remember us for; is based on where we put our attention. It is in this piece, that what we see and what others see become the same. It is here that we tap into our alignment with the Creator force.

Do you really want to concern yourself with what celebrities are up to? What would your world be like if you focused on participating abundantly in joyous experiences? How would things change in your life if you spent more time focusing on you, and what nurtures you in loving ways?

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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