How the Big Miracle Comes True for Whales and Humans

How the Big Miracle Comes True for Whales and Humans

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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The Big Miracle, real life magic afoot with

Whales and Humans

Hear the story of Carolyn Stevens, former Dominican Sister, about her transformation from death to life.."I feel like Lazareth, raised from the dead."

The story of 'The Big Miracle' currently in theaters, tells the true life saga of three huge grey whales and their struggle to survive the life and death nature of their predicament. Carolyn Stevens' journey, is the story of a wife and mother, her struggle to survive a terminal illness, stay alive and raise her daughter. Her story includes the devotion of her family and the need to create a miracle and save her life.

When we begin the journey of what makes a miracle, we must first look to its very definition...

In both the case of the whale family and the human family there was little to no hope of survival. The whales, Fred, Wilma and Bam Bam, a family of three, were held brutally captive. They were trapped with virtually no chance of making it out of the frozen ice prison. Their miracle would require escaping death and swimming to open seas, for migration to warmer, friendlier waters.

Carolyn, was told by her doctors, that there wasn't any hope. Facing no additional medical intervention, she was preparing to die. Her miracle would require full body regeneration.

Was it a miracle that humans, with opposing and divergent interests came together in a battle to save the whales despite their adamant and hostile differences? The real life story unfolds with amazing twists and turns. Healing, love, acceptance and focused passionate movement to save the family of helpless giants, becomes the mission for opposing sides. What we see on the big screen is evidence of humanity. The human spirit emerges in technicolor as the whales find their way to freedom, thanks to the efforts of; the Inuit peoples, the National Guard, President Reagan, State government, Green Peace, the media, the Russian Military, private industry and group-mind energy of all the school children across the country.

When I think of this epic shift, I think of the old song from the 60's

"One mans hands can't tear a prison down,

two man's hands can't tear a prison down,

but if two and two and fifty make a million,

we'll see that day come round, we'll see that day come round!"

The baby whale Bam Bam, had not the strength or health to survive the torturous ordeal, but Fred and Wilma made their escape, through amazing and courageous human effort.

Carolyn's saga is also full of twists and turns, as her friend Bill watches her passing away, he reaches out to a miraculous healer, and pleads with her to call The Stevens to begin the healing process.

A dramatic shift A dramatic shift happens with Carolyn, on her first visit to Miraculous Healer Julie Renee. The death energy from the core of her body is removed. Literally, 18 inches of spiritually black energy is lifted from Mrs. Stevens, in the first encounter. With daughter Chrissy and husband Charles present, they watch with desperate hope that some miracle will save Carolyn. Over the next few weeks Charles and Carolyn coordinate the healing efforts of Julie Renee with the medical professionals, who had been treating

and prescribing. In truly short order, Carolyn was returning to her life..weaning off the heavy medication schedule. Carolyn began to get her life back. As seven deadly infections were removed from her body, a spiritually blessed life returned. (Carolyn is later successful in having the reattachment procedure) "I believe at the core of a miracle, is the strong belief, that a miracle is possible." The Green Peace character, Drew Barrymore played, declared that the miracle would happen, period. Carolyn and Charles who themselves are devote Catholics knew that a miracle could happen for them, with absolute certainty. Carolyn's back ground as a Catholic sister and a university professor, had her marrying her husband later in life. The blessings of a daughter in their life, kept them young, and the desire, on my part, to keep this family together, was unquestionable...I knew deeply and profoundly, to my core, that I would not let Carolyn leave behind the family, she so loved and deserved. With the help of the divine, we would create together, the miracle of new health and life restored.

A miracle requires certainty, it requires love–powerful unending love, and the hand of the divine. We are all radiant Beings of Light, with an innate ability to heal, to love and make manifest the glory of God every day of our lives. Have you asked for a miracle lately? If not...perhaps it is time to remember, that you are a beloved child of God...You are wanted and needed in this blessed Garden of Eden.

We have dedicated this week to miracles, as The Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, is celebrated world wide, honoring the Miracles of the Blessed Mother Mary.