How to Be a Better Person

How to Be a Better Person

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
Be a better person Be a better person

Everyone goes through life thinking about everything except how to be a better person... but here are 3 simple ways to become the person and enjoy life more. Read More

Less Mind - More Heart - First listen to your heart more and slowly have less input by the mind. The mind is always trying to take care of the body and is attached to the body. The mind thinks that the body is the only important thing in life. But the reality is when we pass on our body is given up like the husk of grain so we can move on into the higher realms. Thus it's important to quiet our mind and there are a couple of ways to doing that. One is to learn meditation so we can do inward and connect with our heart. The second is to listen only to the still small voice within by connecting to Great Spirit 24/7.

Free Yourself from Addictions - Secondly it's important to appreciate our 5 senses but at the same time having complete control over our 5 senses because they remove us from our spiritual path. Our senses are connected to pleasure instead of joy. Our senses are ego driven and thus they pull us away from helping others. Ask anyone who is addicted to food, drugs, sex, alcohol, or anything else... they feel empty inside and have an insatiable need for pleasure that drives them forward every single moment of their life. But for those that find joy and bliss in connecting to Great Spirit and they are free.

Open that One Special Door - It's important to close one door and open another. We have many mansion in the house of Great Spirit. And thus it's important to open the door to the most important aspect of who we are... LOVE... and love resides in our heart. How do we do that you might ask? It's very simple, whenever your mind is not being used for some purpose that needs your full attention... turn your attention towards Great Spirit. That might seem simple yet for most people, it takes lots of practice to open the door of LOVE.

On the average, we have hundreds of thousands of thoughts that run through our head every day. And most of them are not loving and kind. But what would happen if all of a sudden we only had loving kind thoughts running through our head? You would be amazed! This is talked about in all the spiritual texts. To turn our minds towards unconditional love every single moment of every single day changes everything. But this process cannot be forced. I've met lots of people who put on a show saying they are loving and kind. But the end they become angry and give up and turn to their old ways. Great Spirit is just that... a vibrational energy that pervades the Universe. And thus it's up to us to freely open our heart to that loving, kind, and giving energy.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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