How To Create Great Content Without “Giving Away the Farm”

How To Create Great Content Without “Giving Away the Farm”

written by: Ling Wong
by: Ling Wong
Give away the farm Give away the farm

Successful content marketing is built on great content that's relevant and valuable to your audience.

We all get that.

The dilemma for many is: how to do this without giving away the farm?

There doesn't seem to be a straight answer to this question.

Some people can share a lot of content and are still confident that they aren't giving away the farm. While others feel like a scratch on the surface is eating into their "farm."

To answer this question, I'm posting TWO questions for you to chew on. Because only YOU can answer that for yourself:

The first question is — what's "the farm" for you? Only you, based on your understanding of your audience and the customer journey, can come up with a correct assessment.

The next question is — how can you give as much value as possible in a way that frames your "farm" instead of giving it away?

You can give a lot of value in a way that highlights the relevance of your "farm" without giving it away.

This could be in the form of educational content that frames their challenges, offer alternative approaches or perspectives, or help them articulate their desired transformation.

In fact, for those who offer bespoke personalized services or experiences, generously sharing their knowledge and processes could augment their expert status, boost trust, increase credibility, and make potential clients want their secret sauce.

Having knowledge and information is one thing, being able to apply them to solve a problem or create transformation could be an entirely different story.

Owning 50 recipes books doesn't mean you can cook.

If you have a unique approach, you often have to elaborate on the "how you do it" so your audience can understand the nuances of what you do and see the value and relevance of your services...

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