How To Deal With Rejection (To Get What You Want!)’m often faced

How To Deal With Rejection (To Get What You Want!)’m often faced

written by: Mrs. Mandie Holgate
by: Mrs. Mandie Holgate
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I'm often faced with a person who wants to achieve a big goal and when we work through the "what's" the "how's" the "when's" and "actions" there is often a millisecond pause,

Something that most people would not even notice,

Something that you may have heard called a micro expression,

However, it is enough to make me stop and ask them what the fear is?

And so often the fear is one of rejection;

What if they don't want it?

What if they reject me?

What if they say no?

And I then work through that with my client to get them focussed, motivated, and taking the actions that get them past the rejection to the results. So here is my quick guide on rejection to results; I hope this quick top tip guide from rejection to results helps, and do feel free to get in touch. This blog article comes about thanks to a session with a client, where part of the homework to achieve their goals was looking at this very subject. And my theory is if it helps one person, it is highly likely to help others too, so enjoy and excel!

  1. Accept that is a numbers game. To get a yes you need a no. By finding your "No's" you find out why people are saying No. You can learn from this. Are these even the right people? Do you have the right products and services? So remember instead of hearing no and groaning and feeling sorry for yourself, ask questions. Get the answers to turn the next no into a yes.
  2. They are not personally rejecting you. It is highly unlikely that they are saying "Goodness no, we can't stand you and we think you are the worst person on the planet". They may be happy with their current supplier, not able to afford it, not even aware they need it, but its highly likely it's not personal, so get over yourself and find out why?
  3. Have a strong enough reason why you should continue. The natural reaction to rejection is a bottle of wine, chocolate, kick the cat, basically one of negativity. So accept that failure is coming somewhere in your future.
  4. And seriously what is your reason why you continue? Is it powerful? Does it make you fizz with passion and excitement? Does it make you feel like you are doing the very thing you were put on this planet to do? If not you need to ask yourself how to power up your level of desire. If you don't, rejection will always be where you see your finish line, and every successful person knows failure is part of success and never the end of the line.
  5. How will you stay motivated? How, what, where is in your stay motivated, focussed and positive network? If you want success you need people around you that will help you stay positive and motivated. So know on a good day who is in that network of support. Remember even the Channel swimmer has a support team.
  6. Don't let rejection turn into a mind set. Too many clients end up telling me what rejection could look like and it quickly turns into a "Why I'm rubbish" coaching session. Get your mindset positive and keep it that way. Keep your self belief in positive. Keep your brains natural tendency to deteriorate into a negative state in check and boost your confidence in all the ways you know how. Rejection does not mean you are rubbish. Rejection is on the path to success. But don't let rejection damage your self belief or confidence. I have a ton of support to keep your self belief and confidence levels healthy and positive so just shout if you can't find what you are looking for amongst my blog, book or course.
  7. Keep going. You know Churchill said Never, never never give up. If you want it, if you know it works, if you know it makes a difference, if you feel it with every fibre of your being, listen to Churchill. He had the right idea; never ever give up. You will get the results you want. Yes, you need more than blind faith, you need a plan of action, support to achieve it, focussed action, consistency and a bunch of other stuff, but never give up.