How to Maintain Your Fitness While Travelling!

How to Maintain Your Fitness While Travelling!

written by: Mr. Christopher Simon
by: Mr. Christopher Simon
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How to maintain your fitness while travelling

According to the 'World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation', "Young travellers now represent 20% of international tourism". David Chapman commented on the survey by saying "With young people travelling further, staying away longer, spending more, keeping in touch more and integrating overseas communities on a scale not seen before, the industry is becoming far broader than ever before".

This exponential rise in travelling is only matched by the recent surge of popularity in health and fitness. Young people seem to value their quality of life much more than the older generations that have come before them. Younger generations are more enabled by technological intervention. This is just two of many reasons why 'Millenials' are pursuing travel and fitness. However, fitness and travelling are perceived as mutually exclusive. Is there a simple and effective way to keep fit while travelling?

There are many travel bloggers who have tackled this question along their travels. Moreover, theses bloggers have had a tough time balancing their fitness activities and recreational activities. Is it just a balancing act?

It may well be juts a balancing act but we have broken down some tips to help you shift the balance in your favour.

Develop a basic workout that you can do anywhere

You are consistently on the move and this is why you should develop a workout that can be performed in any given situation. If you are travelling you will not be likely to have a gym membership. They are not affordable or re-locatable. This is why it is important to develop a workout that can be performed in many places.

We suggest that you take our basic-strength training workout, so you can feel fit while travelling. When you strength train you can build up your muscles, joints and tendons simultaneously. It better than any other exercise because it targets every muscle in your body with a few functional movements.

Here is an example that requires half an hour of your time and some supportive structures.

Circuit workout: Do all reps and move the next exercise.

5-10 minute dynamic Warm-up.


· Step up's – 10 reps for each leg.

· Bench Jumps – 10 reps (step down after landing the jump).


· Elevated push ups – 10 reps.

· Low incline push ups – 10 reps.

· Regular push ups – 10 reps.


Find some sturdy structure and perform;

· Set Rows – 10 reps.

· Body Rows – 10 reps (use any bar or platform).

· Pull up's – 10 reps.


· Supported Lunges (8 reps on each leg).

· Lunges – 8 reps.


· Reverse Crunches – 10 reps.

· Straight leg reverse crunch – 10 reps.

· Hanging knew tucks – 10 reps.

Complete these exercises three time and proceed to cool down and stretch.

This workout is very handy because it enables you to have an effective workout while not wasting precious resources such as time and money. It is also loosely structured so you can vary the order or workouts very easily. If you feel that you are lacking fitness or time, you can perform this workout in any open space such as a park or beach.

If you are looking for something even more simplistic, try this exercise.

· 3 sets of 10 bodyweight squats

· 3 sets of 10 push ups

· 3 sets of lunges

· 3 sets of 10 reverse crunches

· 3 sets of 10 backpack lifts

This workout should help you maintain reasonable fitness while travelling.

Diet is important

Everyone goes on holiday with the intent of enjoying gluttony. You drink alcohol, eat everything you can try and laze about. However, a traveller who is on the road for an extended period of time cannot afford to become complacent.

There is no need to panic if you have packed on pounds and depression from overeating. Do not just begin to starve yourself in the hope of feeling confident on the beach again. Instead you should develop a structured and nutritious diet. You can do this very easy. You can build a simple nutritional plan that helps you keep a toned figure.

I personally recommend that you consume mostly vegetables, some form of protein with every meal and then add some fruits or nuts. Occasionally add some rice or potatoes. Try to avoid pasta, bread and minimal calories. This method of dieting is often referred to as the caveman diet. It is the ultimate nutritional strategy because our anatomy has been conditioned to digest these products.

Keep in mind that every one of your meals should have a source of protein and some vegetables.

On the other hand, as a tested traveller and qualified personal trainer I am aware of the struggle between meeting high nutritional standards while being susceptible to fast food. Sometimes it is necessary. This is why we recommend that you are conscious of what you consume. We recommend that 80% of your meals are healthy while the other 20% can deviate. Try to spread out this 20% because consistently eating junk food and sugar cause depression and fatigue. These are the last symptoms you need when travelling.

Keep active

You should also involve yourself in more unconventional activities. In fact, you should involve yourself in any activity that engages you in exercise. If you are travelling you should be open to experience. However, me the writer is in fact assuming, that you the reader are interested in maintaining your fitness. So again, let me talk of the health and fitness benefits of more unconventional and culturally diverse activities.

There are a multitude of exercises that are distinct to an individual culture. For example, you can learn Thai kickboxing in Thailand. You could also learn how Capoeira in Brazil or dancing lessons in certain American states. You can also hike almost here, there and everywhere.

Engage in anything and health and fitness will follow. A positive mind-set certainly leads to a healthy body.

In conclusion, there are many ways for you to maintain your health and fitness while on travelling. I certainly understand that there are restrictions such as time and money but you can always enjoy keeping active, anywhere in the world. If you need more idea in regards to keeping fit and healthy, follow this blog.