How To Reawaken Your Imagination and Erase Time and Distance

How To Reawaken Your Imagination and Erase Time and Distance

written by: Mrs. Lisa Scott
by: Mrs. Lisa Scott
Human imagination Human imagination

"In your own bosom you bear your heaven and earth and all you behold. Though it appears without, it is within, in your imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow." William Blake

Human beings process 60-70 thousand thoughts per day. And of those 60-70 thousand thoughts 90 percent of what you think, are the same exact thoughts as the day before. Dr Joseph Dispenza, author of The Science of Changing Your Mind.

The above statistic further clarifies why you are perceiving that you are caught in a perpetual wheel. As though life is repeating itself over and over again on a daily basis.

However this is only a perception.

...You are always using your imagination.

By looking at your own life experience you will notice that you spend the majority of your thought life in either the past(remembering what happened) or the future(making plans or trying to figure it out).

Although you are also utilizing your imagination when doing this, allow me to share how to reawaken your imagination so that you are intentionally present and not unintentionally caught up in the past or future.

Reawaken the imagination.

Have you ever watched a child pretend or remember pretending yourself as a child? It only took about 5 minutes before everything around you was part of the world you created in your mind.

Your imagination (image-in-motion) took over and every part of your be-ing was present in what you were doing.

Your eyes. Your mind. Your ears, smell, taste, touch....everything was present and engaged with you.

You were in the moment.

It is one thing to want or desire something and quite another to already be experiencing yourself as if what you want or desire is happening now.

If you tend to imagine what you want as being some where in the future or over there, it will stay in the future as you perceive it to be.

But when you actually begin to imagine and act as if, animating yourself within the images you hold, you have now caused time and distance to fall away and the experience you are imagining is happening now.

During the process of imagining your body starts to recognize the feelings and vibration you are communicating to it.

Erase Time and Distance.

Let's say that you desire a brand new car and you say to yourself, "It sure would be nice to have a new car." This is an example of imagining something yet perceiving it from a distance, as if over there.

Now let's say you want that same brand new car. However when you imagine the car you imagine yourself sitting inside of the car. When you get in and sit down you notice the black, leather seats and begin adjusting the mirrors to the left and right. You are now smelling the new car smell and you're placing your hands on the wood-grained steering wheel. You can see your children or who ever you decide is sitting in the back seat. They are smiling at you as you look in the rear view mirror.

You have just erased time and distance and you're having an experience right now!

The imagination assists you to break down the perceived walls and barriers in your own mind and assists you to introduce new thoughts that you may not have otherwise been willing to entertain.

Why is this possible?

Because you are not your thoughts at all. Thoughts come and go and along with those thoughts, the feelings and emotions that are signaled along with them also change.

You are actually experiencing this process all day long. Creating new realities through the faculty of your imagination. You simply didn't known it.

Knowledge is power and knowing that you are always using your imagination allows you to be more intentional about how you do so.

"Whatever you may think of the assumption of free will, the truth is your experiences throughout your life are determined by your assumptions(what you are imagining) whether conscious or unconscious. An assumption builds a bridge of incidents that lead inevitably toward the fulfillment of itself." Neville Goddard


Lisa is Metaphysician and "Imagination Hacker" who works with men and women who are ready to "step into their own," are ready to move beyond their past experiences and programs, and are willing to unlearn to relearn what has been taught in this game we call Reality. Lisa understands what it means to be on your journey of personal expansion and transformation, and knows specifically how important it is to have access to a safe and supportive space. Lisa knows through her own experiences which she shares with her clients, that by understanding who you are foundationally and scientifically, and by paying attention to your thoughts and the affect your thoughts have on you vibrationally, mystery and dogma disappear allowing you to do your own inner work more freely.