How to Remove Entitlements & Get Free

How to Remove Entitlements & Get Free

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Entitlements Entitlements

I was completely shocked when after teaching Something's got a Hold on Me I discovered the scope and far-reaching nature of entitlements. As I was looking for shifts in certain areas of my own life and in that of my VIP clients, I kept coming up with Entitlements, but the question was, where are all these entitlements coming from, that seem to stop regeneration and real progress in wealth, love and beauty? The answer amazed me. Thinking there were a couple ways entitlements hang out was underestimating the challenge big time!There are 12 unique entitlements that can stop you from being successful in your healing, all aspects of human life and full self expression are affected. And now knowing this it's no surprise that 100% of Humanity affected negatively by this issue.

Here's an at a glance look at the list of 12 entitlements:

What we've defined so far on the entitlements are as follows: others have entitlements and claims on your life. Looks like and feels like servitude. It's related to a kind of payback, a debt created that now needs to be resolved through your service (can of course be ended) forced on you, over you in this life but you create the circumstances in another lifetime.

  1. Birth family entitlements includes mother, father, brother, sister
  2. Soul family entitlements includes grandparent's, great aunt's and uncle's family lineage
  3. Spousal entitlements includes husband, wife, ex-husband, ex-wife, extended family
  4. Soul family, spousal entitlements
  5. Guru entitlements includes teachers, spiritual teachers, this life
  6. Teachers from past life entitlements can go back 15 lifetimes
  7. Karmic debt entitlements
  8. Medical
  9. Legal/judicial
  10. Religious, i.e. monk, nun
  11. Corporate
  12. Financial/debt

Past life challenge? The circumstances of some entitlements are created in a previous life. Looks a lot like karma in many ways, but, not relationship related, more time owed in service to make up or pay off the debt created. These entitlements bleed through from other dimensions: 3rd, 6th, 9th, 13th, 15th dimension issues based on the type of entitlement.

So we have a good opportunity now to take a quantum leap, the mapping has begun, which means the clearings and the freedom, great health, wealth, love and beauty can be unleashed in you fully as we deep dive into clearing all 12 types of entitlements.