How to Uplevel Your Frequency

How to Uplevel Your Frequency

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Frequency Frequency

We've just begun a 4-month process of upleveling frequencies for our participants, the first of these uplevelings happened in Monday's Angels Revealed training. In this class I worked one-to-one with the participants in their individual blueprints to get the shift happening. I also moved 65 items out of the Divine Human Blueprint to assist with this shift.

This begins a 4-month process of integration for those who choose the wisdom path. Unlike a cascade of new cell growth with cell regeneration, this is more of an integration of what has been shifted for you throughout your entire blueprint. For all of the students I lifted their frequencies in one hour 23-30% this was the maximum that could be done on the first day.

I got a strong directive to advise the students to attend the New Bliss class (very different from previous Bliss trainings) as the next upleveling, with a good shift also coming from designing your DNA.

How raising the bar on your energetic signature and frequency works:

We're using our energetic technologies: the quantum hand movements, profound very specialized clearing charts and an amazing clearing statement as well as blueprint work to make this transformation work.

DNA and Family programing play a big role in the first step toward frequency lifting.

The first 3 steps Are you wondering what this felt like?

  1. Connect with God and Angels through Prayer
  2. Activate a powerful clearing statement and chart
  3. Individually clear each participants blueprint
  4. Address the divine human blueprint and clear 65 issues holding students frequency down.
  • Thank you for the shift. I didn't so much feel, but I tested my vibration at beginning of class and now - significant increase! —Dale
  • Experienced a deep cold throughout my body, now feeling warm especially my face. feeling at peace. Thank you for this activation. —Johannah
  • Thank you so much for the Blueprint Activation. My heart pounding stopped and changed to a warm, peaceful energy. —Silvia

We've never addressed the raising of frequency. It came to me just recently that if I could raise our students' energetic frequencies, the integration of all the programs and activations we do could be better integrated with better results. As our Academy matures and we have covered so many of the basics of human life, we can now add activations to help with spiritual energetic growth, which I find extremely exciting!