How we help our clients achieve freedom

How we help our clients achieve freedom

written by: Melanie McGhee
by: Melanie McGhee
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Acceptance + Integration = FREEDOM

As we help our clients fully accept and integrate the tangled energy of psycho-emotional pain, we support them in accessing FREEDOM FROM compulsive choices driven by the reactivity of the conditioned self and FREEDOM TO make choices that come from a more spacious interior.

I mean, who among us makes good choices when we are all bound up in some pain or reactive thought process?

This FREEDOM typically extends far beyond the session, helping the client be free of the compulsive reaction in the future.

I sure love being able to help people this way. EVEN MORE, I LOVE hearing my students describe the same results with their clients!

"Had a really hard couples therapy session yesterday. Wife asked for a divorce from my client during a phone session. My client was of course distraught, disregulated, likely on the verge of a panic attack as we ended the call. Before AAIT, I would largely have been at a loss as to how to stabilize my client. We did Deep PEAT 4 with Us together/Us Apart. Breathing calmed to normal rhythm, bodily tension was gone. He felt a sense that he could move forward. Obviously he has a long road ahead of him, but I think the work eased the weight."

~ Logan Mahan, L.M.S.W.

Logan is now taking clients in his new office.