How would you plan out life if you had 150 more wonderful

How would you plan out life if you had 150 more wonderful

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Plan out life Plan out life

In our Year of Miracles program we had a lively conversation going about future planning. "You have to create a future, otherwise you live out your future directed by Group Mind."

I asked each of our wonderful participants to grab a sheet of paper, and start writing. Imagine you're standing in the future looking back on your life. What have you accomplished? Start with one year, imagine a year from now, what has happened? What would you have liked to have happen? How do you feel? Does it feel good?

Here's Trinity's vision:

12 months body healed completely with boundless energy, core family emotionally close and at peace. Business organized and grounded with updated website, network, doing classes, first book published as well as 2 children's books written. This looking into the future is very emotional for me, always a great sign. Working with Julie Renee for the past 14 months has definitely cleared my way and re-ignited my passion and confidence! YES!

And as Trinity declared her first year vision Petra joined in!

Wow! Trinity! So amazing all your shifts! Did all of them come from being with Julie Renee's classes for a year? Order, Peace and Calm! Count me in for the world!

Then we started to track...2 years, 5 years, 10 years 15 years....yes this is good...we have the momentum going, living in youthful vibrancy, not aging in a normal way, but in a youthful way on a mission, maybe for home and family, for helping change the world. The energy and excitement began to grow!

Then we went to the out of box years. What are you doing and what have you accomplished in 25 years, 50 year 75 years and finally 150 years from now? Can you feel the passion and excitement growing in you?

Thank you for this exercise of gazing into future! Susan

Many of our Year of Miracles students committed to taking on the fun challenge of mapping a future 150 years out, willing to unhook from the unnatural rapid aging process and the powerful group mind that says I want to go quickly before I am senile, which is no way to create a fantastic future. Could you imagine like the folks in the Bible living 700 or even a 1000 years? What good would you do? How would you help with the knowledge you gleaned from a long beautiful life?

Several folks thought, gosh, if I am on the planet taking up space, I had better make it count, and I could hear the wheels turning in their minds. Could I continue to add value, could my contribution be so much larger as a cleared radiant being of light and love, could I help humanity progress, help raise group mind?

I encourage you to join in the FUN! And a powerful process for creating the why would I need to stay young and vibrant for many many years to come!