I Believe Heaven is Here on Earth What Do You Think?

I Believe Heaven is Here on Earth What Do You Think?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Clean-heart Clean-heart

I awoke with this notion, Heaven is here on Earth. Perhaps it was stimulated by a conversation I had with a friend who was discussing the Bible-based Christian collective who believe that all who are not saved by Christ are damned to hell. Well this is a difficult conversation, if not impossible to have with one who strongly believes this to be true, but in my heart and mind there's something more to know about life after death.

The concept of a Christian Heaven is true, and all those who are 'born again', can hope to live in this place after death. I don't want to deeply dive into this though but to have another conversation with you, one that may spark a recognition of truth in you also.

When we are in unbelief, when we think that we are unable to heal, be loved and love, to clear debt and live an abundant life, we are in a kind of hell on earth, or a prison. Our hearts and minds, and entire blueprint support the miraculous. How much or little we can stay in gratitude and love are the exact proportion of how much we can live in heaven on earth.

Having died twice myself, I will in a training sometime tell you what I know about and have seen happens after the spirit leaves the body. I have been a midwife of a kind to 9 people who have died to the earthly plane and moved on. I have also witnessed their after-death movements. This is again a topic for another time.

Traveling to meet our little Virgil was a difficult journey. I could feel the lies and deception from the birth mother, the trauma and hope of our little fella, and the devastating impact of cocaine on his tiny body. I could describe those feelings as a kind of shock/sorrow/prison. Unable to make changes to what was already, and feel so helpless as the system took Virgil from my arms, was a kind of hell on earth for me, and for Adelia. How it becomes hell is the belief that there is something wrong, that there is no plan, that life is chaos and we have no say in how it plays out. I came to believe about 10 days after this shock, that I had indeed played the role I was meant to and just like me and my very difficult past, Virgil had set up his own life of challenges. I am grateful I was there as he needed me to be, to love him those first days on earth.

As I came to remember my truth, that the universe or God, or whatever you might call this for me it is Mother Father God, is loving, and wants us to get what we need, even when we ask for difficulties in our life. When I awoke again to this truth, I could feel myself shifting out of this hell on earth back to heaven, slowly each day a little better, a little closer to my own heaven on earth.

There are 100 or more ways to look and an observe any issue. If you can find ways to see the beauty, to stay in gratitude, to notice the loving arms around you as you progress through life's ups and downs, keeping your eyes always open to love appreciation and miracles, you will live a blessed life. This is heaven on earth, heaven unfolding. When you leave your earthly body your frequency will be set at a high frequency, one set to love and light. All the love you have shared in this life, and family and loved ones who have gone before you will await your transition and usher you into your next life. Where you are set in this life helps you move to where you will be and who you will be with when out of body.

For now look for the good, welcome others with love and appreciation, stop and smell the roses.

In the words of a Bengali poet

Suddhi bisha ragai

My God when I look around,

really look at all you have given me,

my heart is overflowing and

my eyes are filled with tears

How close are you to being able to say I too live in heaven on earth? What would have to shift for you for that to be true?