I Literally Saw the Devil

I Literally Saw the Devil

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Devil Devil

As our awareness of spiritual interferences grows I reflect on the experiences I've had in my life around demonic interferences. I look back on all I've learned observing, clearing, witnessing the various forms of demon and fallen angels and have grow so much in my understanding and knowledge around them. In today's newsletter I'm going to share details I've never before shared and shine a light in the darkness on troublesome invaders of humankind.

I Saw the Devil!

32 was a tough age. I was struggling with poor health and the realization that I would not be allowed the opportunity to parent the 3 children I'd given birth to. In some way I suppose I was grieving. A large part of staying on the planet with my first death at age 24, was the desire to raise my children, see them grow to adulthood and be deeply a part of their lives. It felt no matter what I did, I just could not make headway with this goal. I'd bought a large home to rear them in hoping they would join me, but it had been 7 years since I had lost custody of them and they were lost to me. I was in very poor health. I suppose I was at one of those lifetime crossroads deciding whether to stay on the planet or not. I'd been selling real estate but the homes were often dirty, smokey, dusty and filled with pet dander, and I'd landed in the hospital a couple times unable to breathe. I was put on disability for severe allergies to what felt like being allergic to life itself. I had become increasingly frustrated with my own fragility, the volume of weaknesses in my body and my inability to move forward. I begin to think maybe it might be better to move on.

Disability was filled with grace in many ways. I was able to stay in my home in Minnetonka, Minnesota for a year and dedicated much of my time to prayer, meditation and study. I was reading mystical and ancient text. I had amazing experiences in my meditation space meeting incredible beings like Gandhi and some fantastical angelic and saintly spirits.

And thus of course I also one day was meditating and looking at a being and wondering what is this? I had a beautiful castle crystal, a multi-pointed clear quartz crystal on my forehead while I was deep in meditation. I saw something that looked kind of lovely to begin with and then it shaped-shifted into an evil looking creature I recognized as the devil. I know it was trying to frighten me, and I was jarred by this monstrosity. But I also knew I was the one with the body and there was nothing to be afraid of. I wasn't particularly scared of it. What I did realize at that time is that this kind of creature, if I allowed it, had the capacity to mess up my meditation space. I was eager to clear this devil out of my vision permanently and did not have another vision of this being. Having seen it once in a lifetime was enough for me.

There are a number of different ways that we're looking at a harmful demonic types of spirits in our academy. We add to this the observance and clearing of harmful angelic spirits.

In our comprehensive Demon & Angels you'll learn how to sort them in groupings, and more importantly ow to clear them.

Categories Include: Both dark angels and demons are known throughout scriptural and human history as beings who cause serious life threatening mental and health issues. As I was looking for scripture related to the miracles of Jesus related to the nervous system and immune system to share during Year of Miracles I found a common thread. Many of the references in scripture referred to Jesus addressing the demons and devils, satan and casting them out.

  • Demon
  • Devil
  • Satan
  • Fallen angel

I'm excited to be guiding this process of casting out demons during this 6-hour Demons & Angels marathon clearing, which by the way is on my birthday April 24th.

My plan is to look at the categories more completely. It's possible there may be a few additional categories as I come down to the final hours prior to the class.

When I did some research in 2018 on demonic mythology or demonic names there were more than 150 different names of demons. Now that's a lot of those creatures being named. However I think that those were individual demons that were named known to be harmful to the human race and categorized likely by the church.

What you might not realize is these 4 types we're setting out to clear come from different places and are different in more than just origin. In other words demons are different than devils who in turn are different than Satan and different than a fallen angel like Lucifer. We'll be categorizing them properly and removing them, literally disappearing them from your space completely.

So now you may be just a bit more curious and asking Who are they Julie Renee?

Demons. These beings inhabited the earth prior to humankind. They did not have the physical makeup like the spirit in body we as humans enjoyed. Perhaps we could imagine them more like how the nature spirits appear. I think the common thread in these were they are angry beings who seem to have always been angry. even hateful and in that way very far from nature spirits.

Legend. Demons and gods are referred to in Hindu mythology in relation to a time when they worked together to solve an earthly crisis. They are said to have chanted and prayed working together to churn up the sea looking for an urgent solution to a huge crisis. After bringing many helpful things to the surface of the sea, a goddess Lakshmi appeared and is said to have been the answer for their cry for help. She would help soothe the earth and restore some kind of peace to the earthly plane of existence. The demons referred to in this story did not come from the same god cloud as humanity, angels and God. They are an ancient long-standing race of beings who've inhabited the earth long before we came.

Demons are known for causing physical pain, nerve pain, bone pain. They are known for jumping in with darker energies like rage and anger, stimulating more. They encourage addiction and hedonism.

Devils. The being I referred to earlier when I spoke of the devil I saw in my meditation is not technically from this race and is not technically a demon. This group of beings developed on earth. They are much newer than the demons. They seem to have developed from perhaps the earth's atmosphere or something in the atmosphere of planet. These creatures seem extremely intelligent and can inhabit human bodies. (not from birth, but walk ins, some have jumped in right after birth as a walk in and lived out a human incarnation.)

Of course as we look at each of these different categories we're looking at parts of them inhabiting parts of us not that they're necessarily 100% in our physicality and we're walking around with 10 full demons or 10 devils in our body. More likely we're looking at the anchors, connection points and portals that allow them to access our bodies, our energy, our life force, the light of self and then after understanding this we'll fully unplug them — disconnect them and then disappear them totally.

Satan. The beings that are in the Satan category are not from this planet. They are however from our solar system. These troublesome chaotic beings are from the planet Saturn. 'Saturn and Satan' somehow this organically makes sense right? Satanic beings are disharmonic beings who've moved into planet earth. When looking at the nature of the planet Saturn and if you've had problems with planet Saturn in your astrology this planetary energy is quite a disruptor. These are of the Satan beings can fully and have inhabited human bodies. They are even newer in arrival to earth then devil or demon.

Fallen Angels. There are a variety of different angels that we'll be clearing but I think the one most commonly known is the Lucifer type of angel. The fallen angel Lucifer said to have been a great helper at one point to God had some trauma and then fell from Grace into a dichotomy in opposition to and fighting against goodness. There is a significant following of angelic beings who fell from grace or fell into the darkness and lost their way. These fallen angels are part of the same God cloud that we came from and so very important for us to be looking at them in more detail, understanding what has happened to them, what's gone wrong and if possible helping shift them back into the light. Of course if not possible while clearing them we'll be removing the intelligence that allows them to harm, attach and inhabit humankind.

Over the past five years we've addressed these in our spiritual interference trainings, and also the curses attributed to them. Now we take them on in the biggest way we've ever done. It will be an amazing and very joy-filled 6-hour marathon I hope you will not miss out on!

You may have noticed that we have a tripleheader coming up of clearings for all spiritual interferences. Together the 3 marathon trainings total 18 hours ~ 6 hours for each! We begin with the Demons & Angels clearing. This is followed by all types of Aliens. Finally we finish by clearing Wave, Transmissions & Frequencies.

I'm excited to have this profound clearing all in the span of six weeks!

There's an easy-pay if you're committed to going through all of the three 6-hour marathons and you can stack them so you can do payments one after another. so you'd be doing 12 easy pays at $87 a month, or you can just go for it and pay all at once. I do want to call attention to the fact that we took $200 off of each tuition immediately. They're normally $497 and now $297, so all three totaling $891, a savings of $600 from previous years. Now that's a real bargain! I did this because I really want you to get these clearings, it really makes a difference in everything else we do.