If not now, when? Are You Living a Fully Expressed LIFE?

If not now, when? Are You Living a Fully Expressed LIFE?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Fully expressed life Fully expressed life

The new enlightenment is a fully self expressed life. It used to be so simple, head off to india, sit in a cave, or on the banks of the Ganges river meditating your way to spiritual enlightenment, but in the new era we're going for so much more.

Long bouts of blissful meditation actually dissociate you with your body and a human life. The opposite is now the BIG WIN for those seekers of Illumination.

What is full Human mastery and have you mapped out your way to arrive there in this lifetime? A few years back I broke up with a fiance, my dreams of home and family dashed to the ground as I began to pick up the pieces of my broken life.

What was I needing to shift and change? How would I grow and transform? A thought kept surfacing, IF NOT NOW ~ WHEN? Would I continue to put off my mission in pursuit of the man, and the home that would be my permission slip to raise a family?

I had to put all dreams aside for a time to develop and deliver my mission to the world. As I stepped into full ownership of self, and of the work I came to do, I began to see the universe with an open door to my dreams and my way, was not the way of the universe, the universe had a whole lot better plan for me than I had for myself.

I now, of course, live in my dream home, teach students in 64 countries have 5 books published and more coming down the pike, and most importantly I have my beautiful little family, a life blossoming with grace.

I have much ahead of me yet to unfold and master, and I'm excited for the prospect of each quantum leap and each baby step I take on the journey.

And now I turn the question to you..what are you waiting for? Are you fulfilling your mission? Are you someone who knows they should be an apprentice/practitioner and are holding back for fear of commitment..or some unknown unexpressed reason?

If not now ~ When? When are you going to live into your fully self expressed life? When are you going to own your body? When are you going to step up and live to your full potential?