If You Think You Can, You Can!

If You Think You Can, You Can!

written by: Ms. Debra Rossi
by: Ms. Debra Rossi
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By: Debra Rossi, ACC, Professional Life Coach, Certified Mindset for Success Coach

Spring is my favorite time of the year. There's an excitement in the air and colorful flowers popping up everywhere. I'm often awakened by a distant chirp, which sometimes turns into a chorus of birds singing their songs and celebrating life. Spring is about rebirth and transformation. For many, it's the perfect time to let go of what's not working in our lives and create space for setting new intentions and birthing new dreams. Our abilities to manifest the simplest or the wildest dreams are within each of us. We're unlimited with what we can achieve in our lives, but we often get stuck.

Being stuck disguises itself in many forms, such as, procrastination, busyness, perfectionism, laziness, old habits, or limiting thought patterns. Our minds are good at telling us stories like – I don't have time to work out this week, I'll start my workout routine next week. I can't apply for that job; I know they'll end up hiring someone who has more experience than me. Or, I can't write a book, what would I say, who would ever read it. And that business I wanted to start, I just can't, what if I fail and lose all my money and end up on the streets... Those types of thoughts stop us from moving forward in our lives. Our brain believes what we tell it the most. And if you think you can't, you can't.

Spring has brought its magic of life to mother earth. This is also a time when we can unearth the magic in our lives. If you've placed your dreams or goals on hold, think about getting unstuck by setting your intentions based how you want to feel. We are feeling-driven people. Our emotions are the energy behind our thoughts. Getting clear on how you want to feel gives you momentum to spring into action with life and have the right self-talk.

A few years ago, I got very clear that stepping into my passion and strengths as a Professional Life Coach would bring me feelings of happiness, abundance, and excitement. Committing to how I wanted to feel, was my motivation to overcome the disguises of being stuck and negative self-talk. It helped change resistance to acceptance.

Start with a vision, the dream you'd like to create in your life. Draw up a pact with yourself that you won't compare yourself to others. Be aware of your self-talk. Jot down your aspirations and make a daily or weekly commitment to work on your special project, dream, or goal. Believing in your success directs your brain to positive self-talk and feelings of happiness. Neuroscience has proven our brains are continually shaped by our thoughts and experiences.

How you feel matters. Invest in you. Let this spring be the time for you to step into action. Start foraging around. Meditation, yoga, journaling, walks in nature, physical exercise, or getting more sleep, are some of the ways to provide nourishment for the physical body, mind, and spirit. These practices will help you get grounded and bring in clarity. Remember, our abilities to manifest the simplest or the wildest dreams are within each of us. If you think you can, you can.