I’m Not Giving Up Food, Even for Diabetes

I’m Not Giving Up Food, Even for Diabetes

written by: Denise Pancyrz
by: Denise Pancyrz
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Do you ever feel so frustrated with type 2 diabetes that you are willing to impair your health for food you love? I hear diabetics react with the following comments:

  • "I'm not giving up potatoes and bread. I'm taking my meds."
  • "I want to enjoy my life, not eat rabbit food."
  • "I'm not going to let food rule my life."

It's important to understand why diabetics have these feelings about food. Fear. Yes, fear. I know, I was afraid when I was diagnosed.

  • Fear of losing normalcy within your life
  • Fear of giving in to a chronic disease
  • Fear of eliminating tasty food
  • Fear that healthy foods don't taste good
  • Fear that healthy foods aren't fun
  • Fear that healthy foods will segregate you from others that aren't diabetic
  • Fear of becoming a "health nut"
  • Fear of change

My personal goal was to eliminate drugs and insulin. The following reflects my feelings about food as a type 2 diabetic:

  • Normalcy of consuming processed foods and beverages brought on type 2 diabetes; that's the chain of normalcy I wanted to eliminate.
  • I decided, if I was to do what I've always done, I was giving in to type 2 diabetes.
  • I learned that my favorite fast food didn't taste so good after I improved my health; it was salty and greasy.
  • I could finally taste the sweetness of strawberries that I couldn't taste for years. Organic beef and poultry made my recipes tastier than ever.
  • It took a little time, but I learned how to create healthy food and snacks that are fun and enjoyable, ask my grandkids.
  • My new perspective on food has positively impacted those around me; others are now evaluating their own eating habits. I gained respect from those around me, not
  • criticism.
  • If becoming a health nut keeps me away from drugs, hospitals and doctors, then I'm OK with that. I want people to visit me at a social event not at the hospital.
  • Change is good in every aspect of our lives. If it wasn't for change, I would still be medicated, looking toward an unhealthy retirement.

So, in the end, I have always let food rule my life; it was either unhealthy food marching me into type 2 diabetes or now healing foods that reversed the effects of diabetes. Food rules!

For those that are brave enough for a little change. I have posted recipes on my website. Feel free to go ReverseMyDiabetes.net/blog

Bon Appétit!