Impeccability Circumvents Karmic Debt —  Here’s Why

Impeccability Circumvents Karmic Debt —  Here’s Why

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Karmic debt Karmic debt

We've had an exciting birthday week with some pretty spectacular trainings and through it all I've become clear that we as a community need work on the area of honesty, impeccability and truthful participation. It appears we have a loyal group who know these principles very well and a group of stealth watchers sneaking into classes grabbing program materials, and even selling and marketing our academy materials of course without permission.

All of these actions and behaviors create karmic debt. I've heard it reported that this is universal knowledge free to everyone, hmm interesting ... so then my idea is if you feel that way go to that field yourself and ask from your viewpoint to see what you can glean. My own experience tells me this is pure knowledge gleaned from literally thousands of hours of mapping tirelessly to help with the shift up humanity is in the process of making.

Here are five steps to impeccability you can follow as you shift from a karmic debt creator to a free-evolving respectful being. Sitting, tuning into a class and pumping with the intention to clear when you have not enrolled in the class is wrong. It's parasitical and in a way stealing.

  1. Enroll properly in trainings
  2. Pay in a timely manner
  3. If you want to deliver any of this work professionally become a Trailblazer apprentice for 3-5 years, master the work and get permission.
  4. When attending class clear only yourself, or get permission to and pay for another person.
  5. Do your best, be your best, and give credit where credit is due

We're shoring up the leaks. If you're doing these things you've created karmic debt.. think about how you can make it right.

And please then stop the actions that weaken and debilitate you.

Karma must be paid back in the next life. It won't necessarily be with me but the indiscretion must be righted and is a universal law.

Now you're thinking we can pump away karmic debt, this is true but if you're doing it here you're doing it in other areas of your life.

Let's rise up to a higher level in our community. Let's set a new standard.

Thank you for all who have already gotten here and have impeccability nailed.