Imperfection and Sacred Path

Imperfection and Sacred Path

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Imperfection   sacred path Imperfection   sacred path

It's been a time of growth and expansion in our Quantum Academy. Our courses are filling beautifully with our loyal following and many newcomers also. This week's trainings were so blissfully miraculous. There's a sweetness, when the imperfection of tech glitches and daylight savings time throws toddlers schedule off, and we have more love, more power and more peace than ever before in any time in our academy. I have to think the 'problems' are all part of the universal plan to support us in being our best in challenging circumstances, and we did that all week.

I started to have a crystal clear notion of our three paths of study like never before. I saw the Year of Miracles had now come to its maturity. At 3 years young it's now entirely focused on a full year of regeneration of all system glands and organ regeneration. Year of Miracles (YOM) is our Complete Wellness program. The Apprentice trainings very clearly with the focus and study of the quantum field, blueprint and all things needing clearing is the partnership program. Students in this program become my partners in getting this beautiful work to the masses, as practitioners and hopefully we'll move some of them into advanced facilitator certifications program when the timing is right. The VIP One-to-One Miraculous mentoring program is the Full Self expression program. So the academy with 3 very clears arms of support and training:

Quantum Wellness

Activation Apprentice Partnership

One-to-One Full Self Expression

As I write this I hear the song we sang this morning about the sacred path. We are on a sacred path together, changing the vibration and frequency of every student and shifting the group mind across the globe for the betterment of all humankind. And our academy becomes a labyrinth of knowledge, enhanced power and discovery!

Sacred Path

Your sacred path leads me

To the womb of the mother

And walking with reverence

My soul path to discover

On days when I weary

My heart encumbered

I looked to the labyrinth

To revive and uncover

Oh sacred path the journey for life

Let my steps with the spirit be one

The love is brilliant

On the path to the mother

And when we're restored

We bring forth the light

Peace and center

Our calm and surrender