In A Moment

In A Moment

written by: Mark Janssen
by: Mark Janssen

Our lives are changed in a moment. In any moment in time we may find that we suddenly, inexplicably are not who we were in the last moment.

When a Christmas card came this week it included a poem by a friend. We met a very long time ago. She and some others were crucial in helping me through some of the most difficult years of my life. They were also there to share the joys and triumphs of my life. My friend was always surprising. She was a quiet woman with a sweet smile and a seductive, outrageous sense of humor. Sometimes she was boisterously funny. Sometimes she was dead-on serious. More than once her blue eyes flashed at me and I knew that whatever I was doing with my life, I was sunk. It was time to get off dead center. It was past time to move forward.

What is so fantastic about her is the indelible imprint she left on my heart. She and so many of the other people I met at that same time.

In one moment I had no idea who she was. In another she has left this world.

In a moment—in one solitary moment—we have the ability to have our lives utterly changed. We can start again, heading off in a new direction which—in spite of all of the advice telling us how we should live our lives—in our hearts we know is right.

Simply put, we are creatures of grace. We are graced every second of our lives. It was not only Mary who is full of grace. You have the choice to listen to the angel's words. You can be filled with grace.

We each have the opportunity to be like Hannah and Mary. We can each sing songs of exultation because we are changed. In a moment our lives are beyond what they might have been, would have been, had we allowed ourselves to hold back. Had we been defined by what others say about us.

By who they tell us to be.

You are not who people say you are. Were you ever? It simply takes a lot of listening to know we are not. It may take days or weeks. It may take years. And when we are told what we are supposed to do to become what others think they want us to be—what they hear or mishear us say—we have choices. We can know whether or not what our heart says coincides with what others say.

Where were you the first moment you were reborn today? What did you do when you opened your eyes and looked at your surroundings? How have you grown?

Some people I know appear to do the same thing every day. Year after year. To the world outside of themselves they appear not to change, grow, to be fully alive. That is not even close to the case. They are the most alive people I have ever met.

Some people I know live exciting lives. They have important corporate meetings, fly around the world, make decisions that are supposed to affect us all.

What I far too often see are people who do not change and grow. They may seem to make decisions that affect us all. That does not include a large portion of the population which may know of those decisions, but decides they aren't interested. Such people have no interest in being told by someone outside of their souls who they are at that moment in time.

It's our option whether or not we live from the outside in or inside out. Each instant of our lives we can lie by interior grace, by the Creator's voice coming through our angels, coming through the gifts with which we are constantly showered.

It's the people who joyfully rejoice in life, the people who moved out of who they were told they are into living who they know they are, who follow each moment.

written by: Mark Janssen

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