Insomnia and Pregnancy: Losing Sleep before Baby

Insomnia and Pregnancy: Losing Sleep before Baby

written by: Mrs. Isabelle Clover
by: Mrs. Isabelle Clover
Insomnia and pregnancy losing sleep before baby Insomnia and pregnancy losing sleep before baby

Insomnia and pregnancy can be overcome by employing a few simple tips and tricks. Stop losing sleep before that newborn is there to keep you company.

First Off, Talk to Your Doc

If you are lying awake most nights, you need to get your doctor in the know. She may have a few helpful suggestions, a bit of medication or just a few words of comfort that will see your ZZZ's returning to you in no time.

Turn off the TV

Did you know that the time spent winding down in front of the television before bed each night can actually cause insomnia in pregnancy and at any other time as well? TV can over excite your grey matter on a subconscious level, pushing sleep even farther out of reach. Try turning off the television a half an hour before bed time and enjoy a good night's rest.


Stress, especially during pregnancy, can make it almost impossible to fall asleep or stay asleep. If you find your stress levels soaring try to get them back into check.

Hit the Gym

Exercise benefits sleep in many ways. First off, working up a good sweat resets the chemical levels in the brain making it easier for you to sleep. It also gives you more energy, which in turn means a more active day which leads to a healthy feeling of tiredness at its conclusion. Exercise will also zap stress, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

Make a List

If you ever lay there in your bed mentally listing all that needs doing, or scheduling your day, or berating the neglected items on your list from yesterday, it is time to get a reality check. The bed is about the most non-productive place you could engage in this activity. Instead of troubling your pillow with the to-do list, get up, get a pencil and jot it down Making an actual, physical list of all that is required unburdens your brain from the task of having to remember it. This simple exercise will put sleep within your reach.

Get a Massage

If mental relaxation is not the issue, then perhaps physical relaxation is. Getting a foot rub, hand rub or a back rub before bed can do wonders to soothe muscles into restful repose.

Learn More

Fear of the unknown has caused more than one expectant mother to forsake sleep. If this is your problem dedicate a few waking hours to learning more. Scared of labor? Read a book. Worried about how to soothe a colicky baby? Do a Google search and find out how. With a world of information at your fingertips you can learn enough about any particular topic to put your mind at ease and get to sleep.

Get Rid of LCD

A recent sleep study found that those bluish LDC lights on so many electronics actually have a deleterious effect on the brain's ability to find and hold onto restful sleep. Banish LCD lights from your bedroom or cover them up. It will make a big difference.

Visualize To Beat Insomnia And Pregnancy

Sometimes your thoughts are like unruly children running helter skelter across the stages of your mind keeping you awake long after you should have been asleep. If this sounds familiar, learning how to keep those rebellious thoughts under control will find you gaining access to dreamland much sooner. Try a simple visualization on a topic or place you find enjoyable and restful. Focus only on this place and the activities there. If other louder thoughts try to crowd their way in, just send them firmly away. One activity that works very well is to think of a topic you like, such as gardening, and then name one word or phrase associated with gardening for every letter of the alphabet starting with A. Sounds crazy, but it works better than counting sheep, unless your hobby is sheep!

Keep a Routine

Keeping a regular bedtime and wake time routine will also help sleep come to you easily and regularly each night. Insomnia and pregnancy do not need to go hand in hand. You can sleep like a baby while waiting for your baby!