Is Blame and Black Magic the Cause of Your Suffering?

Is Blame and Black Magic the Cause of Your Suffering?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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As we come off a week of very intensive and profound mapping and trainings, two areas of the programs category stand out in a big way, and feel important to discuss.

If you make a mistake, or an error, or if you forget to do something or just somehow don't live up to what you promised, please take your self confidence and self reliance back by just simply apologizing to the person involved, and then by taking some time to correct the issue. Think about the habit of assigning blame to someone or something else. Why are you doing this? Did you see it work for your parents?

Assigning blame to someone or something other than you is essentially lying to someone's face: I don't care enough about you to honor or respect our agreements. Remember a time when someone gave you an excuse for why they were late or didn't give you what they said they would. How did you feel? Hurt or angry? Or disappointed? Did you feel your level of trust and confidence dropped significantly with this person? And what if they were a person who did that regularly, did you come to lose respect or enjoyment of being around them?

Why do you blame? Blame is something we clear in the 100% Clear training, and once you have removed the influence in you field and body, you'll also want to take action to change your habit of blame, and find joy in being a strong, honest, truthful influencer in the world!

  • Overpromising given the time you have
  • Poor planning not giving enough time or attention to what you said you would do
  • A habit
  • Something that you can do that answers an awkward moment

The other topic I'll address here is black magic. This is not voodoo, though that's a whole other level of black magic, but in the category of curses. In the way we refer to black magic we're looking at the negative things we say about our self consistently, that cause us to be less than we are in all areas of life. For example that's just me I'm anxious and just can't do... if you tell yourself and others that you're something less than wonderful, this thing you're defining yourself as is what you live into.

I know this for many is an ongoing and perhaps lifetime project of monitoring the words and thoughts you have about yourself and speak into the universe, but a worthy one to be diligent and on top of.

Clearing is very important, and then changing your habits has got to be the next step. When you really get the impact of who you are being the effect of your words on how successful you will be in your life, I promise you this will feel urgently necessary to change.

I believe in you and your capacity to make quantum shifts and changes for the better. You will change and grow. Wherever you are in this moment in time is exactly where you need to be no matter how things may seem to appear.