It’s All About You! And That Excites ME! Vacations Matter!

It’s All About You! And That Excites ME! Vacations Matter!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Vacations Vacations

What's coming up in May is totally off the charts with YOU YOU YOU! Better clearer and more than ever you at your best! Take a good look as we are primed and ready to get you clearer, more able to get the big upgrades in trainings and even get better sleep.

As you read this Adelia and I have settled into our vacation and are now likely at the pool, or on the beach enjoying the sand and surf of Cancun Mexico. I have felt a strong need for balance and rest, and with a very active toddler we'll be enjoying 'go go go' time and some great naps too I'm very sure. It's been 6 years since I've been to this resort which is a sister to my timeshare in Nuevo Vallarta. This last time I went I was completing Your Divine Human Blueprint and using all my timeshare weeks between Cozumel and Cancun. The resort had just opened at that time, so the amenities were lovely but they had no spa, and the rooms were less than half full.

I had an amazing adventure last time, going to Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba and hope to take Adelia to at least one of those magical Mayan ruins/pyramids on this journey.

I'm suspecting we'll be at the pool more than the beach, Adelia thinks sand is for eating, I'm concerned about cement in her digestion if she is gobbling sand...chasing waves fearlessly but we shall see, she may slow down on eating sand to attempt building a sand castle with mommy.

Making time for fun and family is a vital part of being your best, nurturing and refueling. Each time we've taken a week break from teaching we grow together, have fun, learn about each other and our relationship deepens.

We're not meant to work, strive and 'struggle' constantly. Even though work can be great fun and super-engaging, we're meant to be social beings too. Life is to be lived well.

Let me ask you, when was the last time you had a real adventure? Did you enjoy it? What did you come back with when you returned to daily life? How were you different changed better for it?

This month is all about "ME" about peeling away that which is not you and getting the best you front and center. Planning a vacation is an important part of that project! I planned this 6 months back, got Adelia's passport a month ago and in just perfect timing we're heading on our first out of country adventure!

Look out world the Doering girls are on the move and we intend to enjoy every adventure to the fullest! I hope you will also make this declaration ~ It's a really spectacular declaration to have in your programing!!!