It’s all over the internet…

It’s all over the internet…

written by: Esther Harrier
by: Esther Harrier
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It's all over the internet, social media, you probably get emails about it, especially if you are a health junky like me.

What is it?


Walk into just about any store these days and you'll be bombarded with the latest and greatest probiotic. Probiotics are everywhere because gut bacteria appears to be an epidemic, and many believe that small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is the cause of gut issues.

I would like to suggest an alternative idea and dive into what is most likely at the "root" of the bacterial overgrowth problem.

You may have heard of Candida, IBS, gluten intolerance, autoimmune issues, hormonal imbalance and a myriad of other dis-eases.

I will tell you, I have had my fair share of all the above and I have spent years trying to find the answer (just ask my husband). I tried tons of supplements, the "right" foods, spent a boat load of money on this or that program and this and that doctor to finally come up with an answer. The answer is not found in more supplements or another doctor.

I researched until I was blue in the face, so I can just imagine that many of you have felt the same frustration when trying to figure out this epidemic, especially if you have dealt with digestive issues, candida, food intolerances, autoimmune diseases, etc.

After tons of research I am going to suggest that the problem is not your gut, the problem is your thyroid, which is controlled by your pituitary, which is controlled by the hypothalamus (emotional center in the brain) and your mind controls your brain, not the other way around.

Regarding the thyroid, the body needs energy for the thyroid to function optimally. However, before the thyroid can get proper energy, the liver must be supported correctly; supplementation is not the answer.

For the liver to function properly, the right food must be converted to energy; thus fuel the body optimally.

If you are not fueled correctly every system will be affected, and if your body is under a threat of any source, the brain communicates the need for more fuel via thyroid hormone, so it will conserve. To conserve thyroid hormone, the gland will begin a process of slowing production of the hormone.

Therefore, it makes no sense at all to add supplementation, which is not food or energy, and just adds chaos to an already compromised system.

The compromised system requires relaxation of the system, not an increase of chaos. When the body is given proper energy sources, then the system can relax. Then, and only then, should adequate supplementation be added.

So, what are you supposed to do? RESTORE THE ENERGY SYSTEMS (ATP)

The ability to utilize or not utilize energy at the cellular level (this is determined through body temperature) determines how all other bodily systems are functioning.

Now, for your body to get adequate energy, it must first digest the energy it is receiving. If your body isn't digesting food properly, it will never digest supplements.

So, if the digestive system does not receive ATP (energy), Carbon dioxide (CO2 is the chief of hormone in the body and is needed to supply O2 to the cells and regulates pH) and Water, every cell will be compromised.

When the trillions of cells in your system are compromised of energy, your thyroid hormones, which control every cell in your body, will be compromised.

Stress hugely compromises the cells, and thyroid hormone; the very hormone needed for energy conversion.

When thyroid hormone conversion is compromised stress hormones are released and once again energy is compromised, which poses a greater stress on the system; thus creating a greater demand on the thyroid, and we end up with a vicious cycle.

Stress is placed on the system any time we negatively digest that which we have just received; anger, jealousy, irritation, worry, hurriedness, panic, fear, etc. are all foreign to the body and if left un-checked place stress on the system. These are some of the most dangerous stressors that will compromise the system. There are environmental stressors as well, but the mind is the most powerful; it is also your greatest defense.

Any perceived stress is a threat to the system, thus the body responds by slowing digestion. When digestion is slowed or compromised, the gut produces bacteria because the blood which carries oxygen is no longer available in the gut; it has been shunted to the extremities for fight mode.

This process promotes stagnation and decreases enzyme production, which is required to break down food. When the digestive system cannot do its duty it uses bacteria to do the work of the entire digestive system. This is a toxic creation which left un-checked will damage the lining of the intestines.

The end result is low thyroid function, compromised digestion, inflammation, weakened immune system, hormonal imbalances, etc.

I can't emphasize enough that bacterial overgrowth is a symptom of a greater energy imbalance in the system.

When your energy intake is compromised, your blood sugar levels will be as well; you will have low blood sugar. Low blood sugar leads to low thyroid function. Low thyroid pushes the body into survival mode; thus enzyme levels will be low. Low enzyme levels lead to bacterial overgrowth.

Hydrochloric Acid HCL is at the top of the list regarding digestion; it is required to break down food.

When blood sugar levels are imbalanced, cortisol and DHEA become imbalanced as well. Cortisol rises to defend the lowered energy levels of low blood sugar.

Since HCL production requires cortisol and DHEA to aid in digestion, imbalances in Cortisol and DHEA become detrimental to HCL production.

If the body is stressed, cortisol levels drop, thus so does HCL production.

Now, If you are one who eats a boat load of salads, (I used to ) and foods that are hard to break down, the body cannot break down cellulose (the enzyme found in lettuce). If you are one who avoids carbohydrates all together, or good carbohydrates, and is changing only what you eat. I would highly suggest you take a look at your lifestyle and a few other factors.

It is highly likely that if you are only switching your processed foods to healthy salads, vegetables, and proteins you are setting up the perfect environment for bacterial overgrowth, among other diseases.

You might want to:

Take a look at your daily stressors

Take note of your daily nutrient intake to be sure of adequate energy balance

Check your energy production (take your temperature and pulse upon rising, after breakfast, and after lunch)

Increase your roots and tropical fruits

In Excellent Health,