It’s Naked Time

It’s Naked Time

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Its naked time Its naked time

How much are you being who you really are? Are you comfortable with sharing your true self with others? Do you buy into presenting yourself in the world by the programming of what you are told you need to appear as?

I love that more and more we are seeing "real" models. These are the models that once were referred to as plus size; which in the modeling industry is pretty much anything over a size 2. Size 2, by the way, didn't even exist on the shelves when I was in the industry many years ago.

In a couple of weeks, I will be moving to Maine. One of the things that really struck me here, is how little make-up (if any) that the women wear here. There is a beautiful comfort with themselves, that they don't have to wear designer clothes, and they don't need $400 sunglasses or $200 tennis shoes. Truly, a breath of fresh air to see, when so much of the world is focused on appearances.

When I was younger, and in "the industry"; I too bought the marketing that certain names must be better, and would help me to be more accepted by others. Really, growing up in a Los Angeles suburb; looks and appearances were very important. You had to have the great bikini body, your skin and hair had to be healthy and soft, your clothes had to be a certain style. How, you looked literally would make the difference of whether you got in somewhere or not.

Thank goodness time has given me the strength to shift my focus and start looking beyond all of the designs. Now, this is not just about being practical; but it is about looking beyond the packaging of things. Not just the companies and where they put their money and how ethically they are; but bringing this into people.

Too often people are judged because of the clothes that they are wearing, the way they do their hair, or how "pretty" they can make themselves look. We are sold into having to look youthful, instead of embracing the beauty of our own age. However, none of these external pieces can change who we are on the inside. You can dress up a redneck all you want; but that won't stop them from being a redneck. You can put a refined person in grubby clothes; and they will still operate with refinement.

While the outer package can tell us something about others, it rarely will tell us who they really are as a person. We often think that models are confident people; however, many of them are very insecure. I have come to realize that many of those that place a heavy focus on their outer appearance to meet being "accepted" are often operating on victim or insecurity patterns. Our outer dressing, will never truly make us feel better; no matter how much we convince ourselves of this. For as soon as we remove that dressing, we are left with who we are.

The truth is we can never hide for long behind our guises. Whether they are the clothes we wear, the bodies we have, the people we hang out with, and so on. It is time for us to start looking beyond these packages and to get to know who others really are. Many of our frustrations and disappointments; come because we have bought into a superficial package, and then are left empty when we find out the truth of something.

When we present ourselves as something other than we are, we create conflict around us; and that draws in competition, conflict, and challenges into our lives. When we present ourselves as who we really are, we create alignment and allow blessings to enter our lives. Truth is a big global energy pattern that we are working with these days; it will be exposed one way or another. The more transparent we can live, the more we will connect with true fulfillment.

What I am encouraging here, is to take the time to really get to know people outside of the packaging they are in. You are likely to find some really wonderful people, that you hadn't even noticed. Take the time to get to know who others really are; before jumping into a relationship with them, there is no rush where love is concerned. Stop being sold into a bill of goods; and let others see who you really are. I can honestly say, that I have always enjoyed getting to know the real person that someone is; I love it more than the image they try to present.

In the realm of codes image is what we use to try to be accepted by a wide array of people; without actually connecting to any of them. It is about presenting oneself as something one is not in order to be accepted by others. Naked in the realm of codes is to stand in one's immortal self and to be at peace. Naked is not about our physical nakedness; but about presenting ourselves without having to create an image, to be who we really are.

How can you start living more as who you really are? How much are you presenting yourself or an image to others? Who are you, when no one else is around; and you can wear and be anything that you want?

Compassionate Blessings ~ An

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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