Journey West

Journey West

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
Journey west watercolor copy Journey west watercolor copy

When you find YOU, you review your situation over time. You came here knowing there was someone to attend to your every need.

You searched wide, and you searched high, you identified with the external, and even searched when you knew not what to do. Searching wide you broadened your perspective by homogenizing with humanity, with this endeavor you gain compassion. Searching high you heighten your perspective by approaching the divine, with this endeavor you gain wisdom,

Stop the searching, and utilize what you have found!

YOU! You have a new view! Self sufficiency is the reward for self sufficiency. The brilliance of the source allows perceiving ourselves as a reflection of the divine. Trust the results of exploration removes doubt!

Fulfillment: the result of participating in the evolution of the human condition. We are in the training ground of our own mind, to test our present karmic unfolding. Are we still conditioned to dis-empower, or do we understand the need for the empowerment of humanity?

Enlightenment is a guiding light, follow and you are sure to enter a mystery, a place you have never been before. The higher self stays above it all, a requirement of being higher, to reveal the real, what we seem to avoid. leaving us with a void of reality. Reality has matter and matters, delusion has a void of reality. Reality has lightness, allowing us to remove the void from our life. Lightly we tread in a place we have never been, heavily we tread in delusion.

Emergence of divine, from what is always here from what is ever present. Atoms! The dance of ever present intelligence, re-presenting our consciousness. The solution of our existence! The adventure is to find the soulution and celebrate our union.

Manifesting well being, is a gift to give back to the universe, removing our own obstacles, teaches courage, the courage it takes to remove obstacles of the collective. Reflecting on our well being, sharing replaces possessing, caring replaces control, and bliss replaces suffering.......

Dance with the divine and stir up some dust

10 Suggestions toward self sufficiency.

i. I will control my own obstacles.

ii. I will be present with positive ideas.

iii. I will be creative - in sharing divine abundance.

iv. I will be in allegiance. with the earths well being.

v. I will be aware of what does not work.

vi. I will work toward making life a celebration.

vii. I will be fearless in moving into the present.

viii. I will be centered - watching with detachment.

ix. I will be in command of my universal soul -as a vision of wellness.

x. I will honor my parents - they are not who I came here to be.

written by: Al Duval

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