Judgments…are not the truth…

Judgments…are not the truth…

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Judgments are not the truth 2 Judgments are not the truth 2

"Judgments...are not the truth..." ~ Activating Compassion ~

Part of why judgments feel so hurtful is because they come from a single perception based on outer or material world standards; and work from limited and scattered pieces of information. The cells within us detect that this is not in alignment with truth. When things are not centered in truth, we have a built in response to distance, feel some sort of hurt or pain, and get sucked into material world reactions of anger, fear, and unworthiness; all centered around more lies.

When we are in a space of so much distortion, we are in need of soul connection; a remembering of our true nature. This is why compassion works so well; because compassion is coded to call in this remembering, and assistance from Divine Source while we are feeling challenged in the Earthly realm. Whereas judgment shuts the doors of hope, possibility, and is restrictive; compassion is like a magic potion that opens the door to all possibilities, freedom, and alignment. This places us in a flow of energy that allows for us to re-direct; and get us "unstuck" from situations that arise.

Judgments have been the tool of many in command. They have been used to keep people feeling unworthy and thus restricting themselves; and holding themselves back. They have also been used to maintain control and to get people to comply like subjects of a tyrant and abusive ruler.

A single judgment on it's own is about commanding nations; or an exertion of control and power, and forcing of ones choices onto others. Multiple judgments cause separation, isolation, and remove independence; so really a sort of dependent isolation. This is where people start to feel "helpless" or like "victims" and even lonely or sitting on the outside. It can also trigger areas of trust and feeling that there is no support or people that can be trusted to help.

So I find that this is important to be aware of, since when these patterns are showing up it can be useful to see the judgments that we are projecting and that others are projecting at us. It is important to be aware so that we can redirect that energy; and thus re-establish more harmonious connections. One thing that I have learned is that judgment arises from those that have been heavily judged; or placed in victim positions from early on in life.

When we bring in compassion, it is like applying a tar solvent; it gets us unstuck from this pattern. Compassion is like the answered prayer. It incorporates two big components. The first is patience, taking our time, and realizing the challenges are about setting more solid foundations that lead to lasting happiness. The second is about building relationships; and that is not easy to do sometimes, especially when we are being asked to find solutions to work harmoniously with people that we don't like.

Patience is really an aspect of slowing down the pace so that you can regain composure and self-control. It is an aspect of regaining command of your own life; instead of listening to everyone else's input. Relationships are about working with others from a space of wisdom. It is an aspect of understanding and accepting where the other person is coming from even if we don't agree with them. It is about releasing agendas; and finding ways to work together and stay in a heart-centered space regardless of the turbulence at hand.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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