Julie Renee’s Maternity Leave Details

Julie Renee’s Maternity Leave Details

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Julie renee materinity leave Julie renee materinity leave

How will it look during the time I'm away for the birth/adoption? I've begun working on the end of February and March classes curriculums and will start recording these new programs this week. My plan is to have amazing trainings for you while I'm away from my desk, bonding with my little fella. I know these trainings will be so very special as I'm pouring all my love and attention for you into each one of them! It's my plan to add guided meditations into most of these programs sure to bring you to a very high state of bliss each time you attend these very special trainings. Along with that there of course will be singing, inspiration and charts, everything you love about our trainings, and of course my potent energy helping you along your path.

Our family will enjoy 6 weeks of bonding time, where we'll occasionally come on the training calls just to say hi to everyone, and the newly airing trainings will be amazing and recorded for you live, in advance of the air date. I'm planning about 6 weeks of family time, you can think of it as maternity leave, and with this careful planning of the academy and trainings, with me and my blasting powers we will carry on through the calendar year with no interruption in trainings!

I've made the class topics right after Virgil's birth, more about learning and less about clearing so it will be easy to mentor and learn as well as fun!

We're in the home stretch, just 8 weeks to baby boy Doering joining our family and our Quantum Activations Community! I hope you're as excited as I am to welcome our newest little member to our growing family!

New Trainings and Classes at the Academy continue as normal Apprentice Training continues Year of Miracles study on Dynamic energy begins mid February. There will no class in March and we'll have two in April Growing Together class continues as usual No private sessions Support staff is on to help, no direct answers from Julie Renee during her time off the computer Julie Renee is physically out of the office and away from computer from mid February to April 1