Keeping Your Sanity In An Insane World

Keeping Your Sanity In An Insane World

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Staying sane Staying sane

Do you ever feel like you are starting to "lose it" every time you go out into the world? Does interacting with others leave your head spinning? Do you feel like what is happening on this planet is getting crazier all the time?

If you said yes to any of these, you are certainly not alone. I have people coming to me all the time asking about what is going on and what all of this "crazy" behavior and thinking about. They want to know why people are acting the way they are, making the choices they are, and doing things that simply make no sense on either the inner or outer spaces of the self.

I myself can't count the number of times I have had to tell people "no, that is not true" or simply "no" to something that they are trying to convince me of. Many have become so brainwashed that, I sincerely believe they are not conscious at all in what they are doing or saying. The danger in this is that they have given up all of their freedom and choice; and thus place themselves to be in animal or reactive nature. They follow commands programmed into them like Pavlov's dogs.

That is right animal experimentation is not being done just on animals anymore.

When we deal with just one or two people this way, it can be easy to dismiss things off. However, when this happens in most of the people we deal with or in a global way; it can be very hard to keep straight what is real and what isn't, to know what is true and what isn't. These people start using brainwashing techniques with you. They will tell you how you are instead of asking you how you are; and they will repeat those commands until you cave into the belief.

If this brings tears to your eyes, then it is good; as it tells me you still have feelings and have not become a robot yet. It tells me that you are still connected with your heart and soul. It tells me that you still care about yourself and others.

Even if this hasn't brought tears to your eyes; perhaps it has still touched a nerve in you or resonated with you in some way.

For many the 11th hour energy of this year (you can read about that in my previous posts) has left people feeling unsettled and struggling to keep their sanity; because of feeling as if they don't have solutions, options, and or answers of what direction to go. The uncertainty and the not knowing brings up all kinds of insecurity patterns. However, it also holds valuable lessons in surrendering and working with what we do have. It is not just trusting; but learning to know all is well, even among what appears to be great chaos and confusion. It is a releasing of having to know and control everything.

I admit, this is not always easy for me. However, like many, I suppose I have relied on the knowing to provide me with peace and comfort; yet, know the key is to find the peace and comfort in the moment anyways. To let go of having to know, and just focus on the present moment.

For many, it is the not knowing that is shaking up their insanity. They are sensing all kinds of shifts and changes; but don't know what they are, and thus feel a whole spectrum of emotions, including worry and anxiety. It is a desire to want to be prepared and to get on board with what is happening; yet feeling helpless to do so since one doesn't know what to do, since they don't know what is happening. You see it really isn't about all the chaos in others and the world; but about the chaos we are feeling within.

The key is to let go of needing to prepare; and to know that you will have all the information as you need it. While worrying about things can pull us out of the present moment; it is the knowing that really pulls us out of the present. If we know something is going to be, our mind is on that; concerning about what needs to be done, what the situation will bring, off attending to all of the perceived needs and details.

So in essence the 11th hour energy is great for not letting us know until the last minute; and this keeps us focused in the present, on what we need to do today. It is a way of keeping us "on track" so that we make the choices that will create the best outcome for us. A big key that I have learned in this is to simply live in a way that I keep things open and simple as much as possible. I leave myself open to move and shift on a moment's notice; not getting wrapped up in the drama of others and the world.

In the realm of codes; we find that to be sane is to be able to observe and work with a wide array of people and situations, to see things from a variety of perspectives. To have Sanity is to be able to be successful, abundant, and to be heard. So the nerve that is really struck with us in what we term as insanity is because we feel that people are neither paying attention or listening; and many in our world are not. It wraps around to the earlier point I made. However, it is important for those that are willing to be Sane or to function with Sanity to be in that space; it may take repetition, but the brainwashed robots in the world need to see something different and unwaivering from what they have been programmed with.

When we look at the codes for Insane, we find an energy pattern of not being able to succeed until a lesson has been learned. This is where it is hard for many; because it is important to observe those in this space and not interfere with their lessons, to simply be the balance in the world. An insane world, is a world that is crying for help; that is going to receive assistance but this may not always be in the way imagined. What the divine knows we need, may not always be what we imagine for ourselves; especially where lessons are being learned.

When we look at the energy pattern of insanity we find a wisdom that can generate success. This is perhaps why some of the greatest inventors in the world have been considered to work from insanity. In essence insanity is an unfolding of wisdom; which is quite different that what we are used to it meaning.

So, taking this perspective the insanity that we experience in the world is a revolution that brings forth wisdom. It is the turbulence before the peace. It is the darkness before breaking through to the light. In some ways we could equate insanity to being in the abyss; waiting for a helping hand or rope or something to show us the way out.

So when you feel the cyclone of insanity around you. Be still, listen, watch, observe, learn, be, share and live what is true. You can be a shining light, the rope or helping hand; but you cannot force others to step into that with you. The key is to be that, focused on your own light; when they have got their lesson they will see that light shining and let go of the struggle and space of being insane.

It is important to stay out of the drama. Take time for yourself; and have exchanges with others that are holding the light. Say hello to others and wish them well; unconcerned whether they will say it back or initiate with you. When you do this, you are reminding them that there is something else besides the insanity that they are living in; you are reminding them of a loving and caring energy.

To stay sane is to successfully move through the material world as your soul self. Grounded, graceful, allowing.

How are you nurturing your own light? Are you observing and watching, or getting wrapped up in the world's drama? Are you taking time to be still and connect with truth?

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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