written by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
Larimar crystal Larimar crystal

I am so pleased to be back here to share my journey and especially my Crystal card readings and poetry combined.Since the beautiful moon just recently I have heightened feelings and sense a strength from beyond the stars.

The card and CRYSTAL LARIMAR are so vibrant and captures for me a new beginning.

Its fine to be sensitive

Fragile emotions and loving feelings

To be this vulnerable is gods sign

You should take extra care

You should be calm and gentle with yourself

A clear verbal communicating is essential for you

This lovely blue stone is saying nurture

Yes nurture you and all around

The animals and trees and friends and community

This is serving the highest good

Break down those walls

Calm fear

This is a feminine power

So soft,

and yet has a strength of a thousand

Meditate and feel the knowledge and wisdom

let its energy in.

And so be it.

I dedicate this poem to Maryangela at AGMD, thankyou so much for coming into my life.

Love and light and healing

Margie Kugler