Life Patterns

Life Patterns

written by: Mr. Dick Sutphen
by: Mr. Dick Sutphen
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Although you probably don't realize it, strong behavioral patters have been established in your past. A good place to begin exploration is in your primary relationship patterns that continue to emerge. For example, the moment your mate is critical of you, you close down and refuse to communicate. Or when you are finally assured of your mate's love and dedication to the relationship, you become bored. there are common patterns of manipulation, including resistance, affairs, neglect and more.

An example of a career pattern is allowing only a limited level of success before doing something to cancel it out. Another is allowing frustrations to build up until a change is enacted.

If you discover strong life patterns that work against you, realize that they will continue to surface and rule your life until you make a conscious decision to change. To alter your patterns of behavior, you must break the fearful chains of illusion that keep you bound to undesirable past programming. It begins with awareness and a self-actualized viewpoint.

Change Your Life!

Peace and Light,

Dick Sutphen