Like a Child Sitting on His Mother’s Lap

Like a Child Sitting on His Mother’s Lap

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
Mother and child Mother and child

"We are Like a Child Sitting on his Mother's Lap Crying for Mama"

We are like a mother with a child sitting on her lap, the child cries for his mother saying "Mama-Mama" even though his mother is holding him tight. Yet that's the very same thing that we do, we have God, the Universe, and Great Spirit here with us at all times yet we cry out for God because we feel alone.

The truth is we are never alone, not from the time we leave the ethereal realm to be born again and to the time we leave our mortal coils and cross back over to the other side. It's all an illusion that makes us feel separate from our creator because we have this flesh and blood body.

But unlike a mother who comes when we call her, God, the Universe, and Great Spirit does not always come to us. Why you might ask? Because we have lots of lessons to be learned. And one of them is that we are not alone even though no one of flesh and blood come to our rescue. As with a child sooner or later we have to learn or lessons in order to take care of ourselves and learn to love ourselves. And know that we have the power within to make life happen.

If we have a parent that cocoons a child and never allows that child to fall or have misadventures. Then that child will be too sheltered from life and will never leave home. Nothing will come of that child because they never grew in strength to care for themselves and anyone else. Thus their life is stunted, and they stay with their mother and father for the rest of their life having all their needs being taken care of.

But that is not why we are born, we have been brought to this world to learn to help others and end suffering. And to be there for people as they grow not only in stature but also in power and fearlessness. Thus we can overcome all the anxiety making slings and arrows that life has to throw our way.

But that does not mean we are abandoned, not at all. God, the Universe, and Great Spirit is always with us every step of the way. And God knows the final outcome, thus he knows when we will step up to the plate and make good or falter. And if at anytime we need God He is there to comfort us... and make us stronger so we can make our way in the world. Remember we are one with that great consciousness and thus we are never alone.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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