Living a Compassionate, Heart Centered Life

Living a Compassionate, Heart Centered Life

written by: Ms. Kezia Lechner
by: Ms. Kezia Lechner
Budda Budda

We are moving into a time on the planet when people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance and the grace that comes from living a compassionate, heart centered life. But in our often too busy and stressful lives, how can we foster and nourish our capacity to live more mindfully, more lovingly?

Because love and compassion are such powerful forces, they can ripple out in exponentially increasing circles, touching those within the intimate sphere of our life, as well as touching many beyond. But compassionate love has to begin at home, in the center, within us. It starts with our own self love, our own compassion for ourselves.

Did you long, as a child, to be loved deeply and unconditionally? No longer a child, now you are being asked to provide for yourself the kind of love and compassion you may have always longed for. You are being called to shower love and compassion upon the child within you whom may still feel raw, wounded, abandoned and unloved.

Does your current lifestyle reflect self love and compassionate self care? If you look at your food choices, your exercise habits, your work life, your spiritual life, your family life, at your partnerships and friendships, do they nurture you, or are there things you would like to shift? There is no better time than now.

When you tune into your inner dialog, your self talk, is it judgmental and critical? If so, notice it and do your best to shift it. Try creating a new habit, the habit of self praise, of self appreciation. Think of all you have been through on your soul's journey. Honor yourself for the losses, the grief, the wounds you have endured and overcome.

Yet, even when we aspire to being kind and loving, often in life our partners, our children, our families, our friends, and even our pets can truly trigger us, making loving compassion hard to access. When this happens, do your best to be loving and compassionate toward yourself, and simply accept all the feelings that the words, behaviors and actions triggered.

Breathe and see if you can love the part of yourself that feels so wounded. Feel into the source and into what might create more inner peace for you. Do you need to take action, set boundaries, or simply let go until you regain your equilibrium? A helpful question to ask yourself is, "What is the most loving thing and compassionate thing I can do for myself in this situation?"

Take time to express love, appreciation and compassion for those people you are close to. Do your best not to let the business of life become an excuse for not sharing intimate and loving moments with them daily.

Finally, how does your love and compassion ripple out into the wider world? There are so many ways to radiate love, true caring and compassion? What are you moved to do, to share, to express, to create that could make the community, the city, the country, the planet you inhabit a kinder, more heart centered, compassionate, light filled place?