Looking Back Over the 80’s

Looking Back Over the 80’s

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
Greed Greed

I find it interesting, that during the 80's we had people like Milken, Boesky, Seigel, Levine, and others who did scandalous things ripping off the public. And when the 80's came to a close, people were asked what they thought of the 80's and they said, "The Decade of Greed"— But has anything changed?

Has the Ethics of Man Changed? - Has the ethics of mankind changed for the better in this day and age? Is man changing to help others— the answer is yes— yet there are those who only believe in greed. Those who were also there in the 80's building trillions of dollars and not paying taxes, and now we have the fox running the hen house. But we have to remember we are the creators of this day and age, those in control are still taking advantage of the common man. The common man on the average is full of love and knows when enough is enough, and he wants peace in the world. And the common man reaches out to make a difference in the lives of others— yet we go unheard.

Time to Awaken - Even God will not intervene because we have allowed all of this to happen. To do nothing is to accept what we have and be satisfied with all of it— It's just the same as nodding our approval. So the collective conscious of man is OK with all of it. If it were the 60's people would be out in the streets in huge numbers telling people that they don't approve. Yet many sit back, for they are afraid, afraid that those in control will cause problems. But it takes courage to awaken from our slumber, courage to walk a different path, courage to see that the trajectory of those in control will end in a terrible way.

It's Up to Us - Be not afraid for thy body, for a soul has never perished ever. Let go of the thinking that you are your body. The body is only a vehicle for the transport of that which is utterly important— the soul. Each one of us knows exactly what we have to do in the here-and-now— and so it's up to us to make that great courageous act and move forward according to the love in our heart. For love is powerful and can change everything if we decide to do so.

Pray - Pray - and Pray Some More - Thus on the eve of the fox taking over the hen house I ask all of you to awaken, get excited, and have passion for what you believe in and stand tall. Even as David had to stand tall in the face of Goliath, Buddha had to face Mara, or Arjuna had to face off with all those he loved— it's no different. We all have a destiny that we can interact with if mankind is willing to blossom like a rose from the snows of sorrows of past ill thinking and break free... be like Gandhi and change the world.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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