Love lessons from Scrooge: is true wealth more than a lot of

Love lessons from Scrooge: is true wealth more than a lot of

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Scrooge Scrooge

Love lessons from Scrooge: is true wealth more than a lot of dough?

Mr. Scrooge and the oddly titled book, 'A Christmas Carol,' gives us a glimpse at the concept of wealth being more than money. He becomes a changed man as he views his past, present and future through the eyes of ghosts who come to help him take his next spiritual step. This story is more common than you may realize, that is the awakening from the material world and the dawning of love.

I have been in airplanes and airports this holiday season and one of the common conversations amongst the travelers is their heroic affirmation, "I've got all my gift shopping completed!"

What is a true gift? How do you give a gift that is wanted? How can you receive a gift graciously when you have been gifted?

For Mr. Scrooge, the best he could give his employees and family was the gift of being present. His normal MO was to think only of himself and his bottom line as it related to business. Although at the end of the story, he's able to gift the Marleys a Christmas feast and health care, his real gift and the gift he gave himself was to open his eyes and see the world through the eyes of love. On an energy scale, Scrooge took a huge leap in his vibrational frequency when he awakened his heart to the blessedness of his own financial abilities and the joy of gifting as opposed to hoarding his wealth.

Love isn't love until you give it away.

It is an extraordinary time to awaken to the needs of others. Do they actually need another sweater or gadget? If so, perfect. But I encourage you to go inside and see what gift would be most welcome. Give from your heart to the heart of those you are sharing with.

Sometimes it's difficult to know how to receive a gift or you feel awkward or even disappointed in what you have been given. Here are a few simple steps to receiving a gift that will strengthen your relationship with the gift given.

If possible, open the gift while you're in their presence. Show happiness and gratitude. If they took time to wrap the gift, tell them how special the wrapped gift feels or comment positively about the choice of wrapping or ribbon. For example, 'oh, what a pretty bow!'

When the gift is out of the package, hold it in your hands. Take time to look at it, feel it, if it has a scent, smell it. During this time think about what they saw they could provide for you with this gift. For example, a scarf could be to keep me warm and healthy in the cold. A self help book could be their wanting to enhance your life with something that helped them.

Pick at least one thing about the gift to thank them for. You can word it like this if you like; thank you for providing me with a beautiful green scarf. I look forward to it keeping me warm and it will look so nice with my leather jacket.


Hug them and look pleased.

Sometimes you may get a gift that you don't understand or that you actually don't think you want. Still follow the steps above, unless they have left an opening for returning the gift. It is important that they know you feel their love for you because they took the trouble to give you a gift, and even if it is a miss, look for what or how they attempted to provide for you or enhance your life in that gift and thank them for it.

If there is an opening, for example, "I wasn't sure what to get you. I hope you like it but you can exchange it." Go through the steps above. Then say that you would like to get a different version and you are so grateful for their generosity. Send a thank-you note or an email with a photo of you holding the replacement gift smiling. I love you and I love my gift! Thank-you!

The idea that you can contribute to someone who has given you a gift and make his or her day is a huge gift of generosity. Many people never hear that they get it right in life. To give them a moment of praise and real heartfelt gratitude is the way to have them feel loved and appreciated.

Generosity is not defined by money, but rather by love. Be a generous giver and a generous receiver and watch the gifts of love flow in!

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