Love the earth, everything else follows

Love the earth, everything else follows

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
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Love the earth, everything else follows, resolved in this collective well being, 'where is home'? Every where! The planet will let us roam, the soulution is invoked by OM. Where is OM? In hOMe, here and now. Be at home, gracious to your allies and grateful to the earth.

Remember the earth with allies, not a thing past, but a 're membering' of gracious, grateful times. This time is the ever present, at atomic speed recreating a new now. The ever present, invisible as the wind, touches everything and leaves it changed. Things, the collective unconscious manifested, are destined to dissolve back into the source, with time.

Share the elixir of life, one day at a time. To receive the gift we have to sacrifice delusion, looking for what is not here, to see what is available, working for the well being of humanity. There are many processes to avoid, their results are devastating to the collective. The 'collective un consciousness' can be avoided, but is still around.

The process to activate reality, is detachment, realize non participation in dysfunctional dogmatic processing, resulting in an amazing amount of energy now. Where to put the energy? Into moving forward, seeing the gift, we move forward into it, not backing away or running ahead.

Seeing delusion dissolve! The adventure arrives in the moment, participation in this change, is the only route to find self, finding self within and without. As we accumulate allies and learn from their craftiness, multitudes of possibilities become available.

When we are removed from the ego, seeing is believing, the world is available by letting go. Searching for the depth of the mystery, we wake up every day, at the center of it all.

The will of nature, pushes through every cell of our being. The calm of creativity, initiates what we cannot yet see. The flow of being, we name 'love', brings us beyond fantasies and erases suffering. To be at ease with the will, the calm and the flow, we become buoyant, in life's stream.

Attending to our nature, we find the divine, within and without. Within reach, without suffering!

written by: Al Duval

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