Making Affirmations More Powerful

Making Affirmations More Powerful

written by: Frances O'Brien
by: Frances O'Brien
Affirmations Affirmations

Affirmations can be a wonderful way to effect positive changes in your life. People have utilized them to assist in weight loss, increase income, and even attract romantic partners. But others who've tried affirmations feel that they're futile, that just saying positive words doesn't make anything more likely to happen. If you're in the latter group, there are a few techniques you can try to make your affirmations more likely to bring about the positive changes you're trying to make.

(1) Use affirmations just prior to falling asleep.

During approximately the last half hour of your day, you pass through your alpha brainwave state, which is different than being completely awake or asleep. When you're in your alpha state, you're more suggestible to what's going on around you. So, while it's not recommended to listen to news or to watch stressful cop shows then, it's a perfect time to write affirmations. You'll feel better, be more hopeful, and create a healthier, happier life for yourself.

(2) Write your affirmations, don't just think or speak them.

Writing is an ideomotor activity, meaning it engages both your mind and your body (ideo, like idea, and motor, like motion). When an activity engages your mind and your body, it's more potent than using either alone. It's rather like having two people working on a project instead of one.

(3) Write as if the affirmation has already happened or is happening.

As you write the scene the way you want it to be, you'll experience a moment of imagining it, feeling it, responding to it. Your subconscious mind doesn't really know the difference between fantasy and reality. Fantasizing about how you'll feel and what you'll see and hear when your life is as you want it actually makes it more likely that you'll experience it. The more often you imagine it, the more likely you are to bring it to you.

(4) Be precise.

Instead of writing "career," "money," or "weight," name what you want. "Professional actor," "$100,000," or "twelve pounds." Include sensory imagery in your descriptions. What do you see, hear, feel, taste, touch? The more involved you are in the imagery, the more real it will seem to your subconscious. Doing this puts out an energy that will attract a similar energy to you.

(5) Give yourself permission.

Even though you want to achieve your goal on a conscious level, there may be some reason your subconscious mind is fighting it. Simply saying the words, "I give myself permission," or "I allow myself," can be quite persuasive to your subconscious, causing it to be more amenable to the idea.

(5) Use terms of gratitude and love.

Expressing gratitude and love suggests to your subconscious that the process is already in action or the goal achieved, and it allows your subconscious to enjoy the result. Writing, "I am so grateful that people buy my book every day," or "I love the positive reviews I receive on my book," are stronger than, "My book is published."

If you want a raise, for example, you might write, "I'm grateful I earn $2,000 every week. Now I am able to buy that red Ferrari that I wanted. I love the smell of salt air as I drive along the coast."

If you'd like to lose a few pounds, "I allow myself to release excess weight until I achieve my healthy goal of 120 pounds. I love hearing the compliments I receive."

For a relationship, "I give myself permission to attract a kind, compassionate, artistic partner. I appreciate that he/she enjoys walking our dogs along the beach as much as I do."

Affirmations can be used to uplift your mood, to help you focus on the positive, and to bring healing into your life. Some of the changes that will occur can seem nothing short of miraculous. Experiment with creative, succinct ways to express what you're trying to accomplish. Most of all, have fun!

Frances O'Brien is a certified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner with a private practice in Tarzana, CA. She is also an author, teacher and speaker on a variety of natural healing techniques. Her most recent book, Your Three Clicks: Find Your Natural Healing Technique is available on her website

written by: Frances O'Brien

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