Mary Queen of Angels..Mercy

Mary Queen of Angels..Mercy

written by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
Angel pictures Angel pictures

I am listening to your words of positive feedback and thank you for liking my website here.I have drawn another card for writing my poem which is channeled by my Angels.


How we all love to be loved

Its a goal in our minds every day

We speak of it with sincere, drive

Its a need that exists and which we want to thrive

have a feeling for me with every kind thought

Have a gentleness that you care that you do

Really care for me

Have a merciful heart

It would be a dream coming my way

To know there is compassion and Mercy

That there is understanding and caring

I am so fragile..see this...I am like thee

The angels welcome this

The World will be much better with more

I hope it will prosper

To look at each other, no hatred, no fear

Have Mercy and God will also

on you....

By Marge Kugler copyright 2017