May Moon Transits a Mystical Dance!

May Moon Transits a Mystical Dance!

written by: Mrs. Jeannie Irwin
by: Mrs. Jeannie Irwin
Ballroom dance Ballroom dance

Aquarius Moon squares Sun in Taurus today at 7:30 pm CST. Welcome to another episode of Letting Go! know you can't wait to let go of more ego, more unwanted habits, people, thoughts, beliefs and systems that don't work for you! Do you ever feel like you're on a perpetual spiritual diet? You have a list of things that you should incorporate into your life so that you'll grow and be vibrant, but at the same time you've noticed your spirit is a bit flabby. There's no ignoring that you have to get spiritually healthy and I've not met many people who enjoy changing their health routine. For most of us, adding in Meditation which would be very beneficial right now, means getting up at 5 am, so that you have time to set your intentions, connect with spirit, align your Chakra's and increase your spiritual awareness! During the last quarter Moon in Aquarius, you may feel that things are holding you back, the outside world is pushing against and blocking you from expressing your true personality and power.

Aquarius Moon 28 degrees sextiles Taurus Mercury and Sagittarius Saturn Rx, brings us understanding of what's important and causes us to talk on more grounded levels. Our emotions are more controlled during this transit, as we pay attention to the day to day domestic chores.

We're able to put all our energy into completing projects as Saturn also trines Mercury in Taurus. We've been given a chance in these last degree's in Aquarius to learn about what motivates us, why we value certain things, and then to take inniative and discipline ourselves according to our path.

Aries Venus 13 degrees opposes Jupiter Rx in Libra (Venus ARiesstrong enthusiastic direct, words can sting unintentionally, we are bold, fresh, and a little impatient,

We want to take action on what we're passionate about, as there's a sense of mission, and notable "our mission" and how it effects "us". Whereas Jupiter in Libra is bringing in more understanding of our relationships both to ourselves and the outer world. This is a great balancing act as we learn how to harmonize in our partnerships, how to treat others as our equal and we are encouraged to grow and expand while lifting those up around us. The old saying, there's enough to go around, bodes well here. Our ego selves want to protect our gifts, stand alone in the spotlight and make decisions without considering how it affects the greater good. Venus in Aries is here to teach us what we've been missing and how to accentuate our greatest values. But, we can't leave out the importance of what we learned while she was retrograde in Pisces, that we are connected to All in the Universe. The issue rises when in our limited ego view we feel we can't have our desires if we're pleasing the world. The tension of this aspect mounts causing arguments in relationships, over eating, and over spending to satisfy the ego. We want to feel nurtured, cared for and appreciated and if no one around you is supporting your needs, you may feel like a little over indulgence is just the key. A more evolved way to deal with this aspect is take pleasure in all the things that you possess, being both internal and external. Remain in a state of gratefulness. Practice daily thankfulness affirmations. When the self centered, insecure shadow side rears it's ugly head, just remind yourself that there's enough to go around, and you're exactly where you should be right now on your path!

Moon VOC 9:30 - 10: 52. When the Moon enters Void of Course, it has made it's last major transit to the Sun or planet within a sign before entering into the next sign.

The twenty-ninth degree of any sign is called the Anaretic Degree. Also called a "degree of fate", Karmic Point and a Critical Point in Astrology. It's considered a weak point, in fact, all malefic,s rule the last degree of the signs. It's a finalizing aspect, one in which at this point we don't have any control of the outcome, all the while being aware of the transition we're going through. The fate train is running fast and we can't see the destination. We can feel a little off balance and out of control during this time. Many people act impulsively during the Anaretic Point in their charts, but especially when dealing with an emotional planet. So get ready on Friday night, 9:30 pm CST, as the Moon transits Aquarius 29 degree's. Although you want to give yourself everything, now is not the time to make decisions.

When the Moon enters Pisces we cannonball into the Cosmic Pool, full of wonder and mystery. Our super-conscious becomes more aware and connected to the Universal energies on an even grander scale. It reminds me of the Tarot Card, The Moon mixed with the 7 of Cups, we have so many choices, all of fluid energies pour in and out simultaneously. As Pisces ruler Neptune connects us to all of humanity, Spirit and Subconscious tendencies, yet also brings with it a state of illusion mixed with dreamy idealism. Upon first entering Pisces the Moon begins her dialog with Pisces with a multitude of spiritually diversified subjects. What is your dream life, perfect love, or ideal Universe made of?

Imagine walking into a Psychic Fair for the first time. In Pisces metaphysical stands are interwoven within a grove of magical tree's, a psychic painter puts brush to canvas as a spiritual connection is made to one who's passed over, a tarot reader flips cards over under a starry canopy and a cacophony of musical instruments mix into the soft night air. As a fog rolls in around you obscuring the people behind their tables a masked individual spins around you in an otherworldly dance from you can't even hear the music. In this introductory aspect in Pisces some people become overwhelmed with intuitive and emotional senses and seek to isolate themselves as the Hermit. Because although some view this dreamscape as a beautiful and magical place full of opportunity and visions of a better world, still others find it daunting, with a side of haunting surrealism. For others, it may prick psychological past life issues. Escapism and disillusion are the opposite side to Pisces' otherworldly experience. The best way to handle the emotions and intuitive perceptions flooding you now is through meditative self reflection and connection with Spirit. It's important to remind yourself that illusions although may stem from past life remembrance, aren't real in this life and you can choose who and when to deal with them. Differentiating between real and illusory is paramount now before Moon then conjuncts Neptune in the early hours of Saturday morning on May 20th. By the time most of us wake it will have moved past exact conjunct but you can expect to have wild dreams, and if you're a night owl, you become more sensitive to the subtle energies in our Universe. If attending a late party, you can pick up on the mood of all those around you, and be careful because the inclination is still to overindulge. If first meeting someone, they could seem like a fantasy come true, but this will pass in time, so don't make any concrete decisions involving partnerships. Remember, this aspect is very dreamlike, and you are now surrounded by clouded visions, obtuse paintings of reality, tainted views and changeable ideals. What appeals to you now will more probably repel you on Sunday night.

Have a great weekend, be open to change, grounded in truth, stable in love, and slow to make decisions. Jeannie Irwin "Lady Vi" at