Meditation for luck and peace

Meditation for luck and peace

written by: Mrs. Danielle Nijhuis
by: Mrs. Danielle Nijhuis
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Luck And love is in small things ..for everyone is really lucky differently to trust ..dare to trust that thing that makes you happy, makes sure that you will really feel lucky ..

* Short meditation for luck *

With yourself Beeing happy is quite a task maybee can this exercise help you to stay closer to yourself. Your inner soul is THE most important part of Beeing YOU

Sit back, close your eyes ..breath in through your nose and out through your mouth ..

Repeat this several times and then let your breath go through your natural pattern ,, breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, relax ..feel how your body relaxes ..

Inhale in through your nose and exhale through your mouth ..

Feel how everything become still in you (do you feel that your thoughts take over then refocus on your breathing)

In your stomach there is a inner light you can feel your own light, you might see it

With each breath in and out you make that light larger and as you exhale, you make it even bigger sooo your whole body is filled with your own wonderful light.

The light that you ARE!!

Feel how loving your own light is Shine bright is your soul, who you are!

Enjoy a moment of silence in your own light

That will give you the feeling of peace, happiness, and harmony.

Take it slow goodbye to this feeling, become aware of your breathing again and feel your back in your room or anywhere is ..

Take this blissful calm feeling with you.

You've made contact with your own light your soul so, you beautiful soul.

Know that this light is always in you fire it is always there,

Thank you yourself also for being with yourself!

Dear people try it feel and experience the happiness through only your own light, your own soul dare to be.

You will feel happy through this simple short meditation really feel to go, and you know he can always do this ..where you are also only takes a few minutes of your time.

Give your light, your soul so the space rays ..

(C) Danielle Nijhuis 2017