Mind Control is Real

Mind Control is Real

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Beach Beach

We had an unplanned discovery....well that's what a discovery actually is, a surprise, and this week we discovered 4 waves and 2 transmissions broadcasting out from 4 countries leaving folks feeling:

  • Despondent
  • Depressed
  • Hopeless
  • Believing there were no more miracles in store for them
  • Having a hard time finding words or speaking
  • Loss of momentum, drive and passion
  • A feeling of being small, reduced and incapable

I began the class with an intention to clear the rest of the intuition, inner vision blueprint clearing of knowing and discernment (which I did get done by the way) but something remarkable happened...I got clear that the muddle my daughter and I have been swimming in was coming from transmissions and frequencies, and to fully restore me, and all of our students, we would need to clear, both the divine human blueprint and the fields around all attending the program. It's my hope this had a good ripple effect on our entire community.

I'd like to talk to you not in a sensational or finger pointing way, but just in a truth exploring way about what's happening on the planet right now. About 12 years ago a team was being pulled together of remote viewers, for government work, and I'd been approach to be part of this team. I went through the process of sitting with others, looking into rooms, into future activities and results with a group of others. It was a kind of specialized spying.

I wasn't interested in this as I felt it used my gift in the wrong way. I had felt my gift a blessing for humanity, remote viewing would have locked me into a much lower use of my gift, I said no and walked away. At about the same time I became aware of very harmful frequencies being sent from a lab in Berkeley CA towards the ocean, which seemed to cause our cohabitants, dolphins, whales and merfolk to lose use of their sonar, become confused and even dying, with many beaches closed because of the bodies that washed ashore from this experiment. I helped with the petition to stop this activity and joined the efforts of Berkeley Psychic Institute to effect a blockage to the signal being sent.

We're now facing very real mind control warfare. These waves, transmissions and frequencies make us weak and incapable.

While in the blueprint I had impressions, funny somewhat comical images.

One image was of a man with his head protected by a tinefils wrap/hat. Another was of a man wearing a metal vegetable rinsing colander on his head. Both these images were goofy. They represented that the mind is most affected by these rays, and people in the past have experimented with could these help stop this stuff from driving me mad?

The third image was of what I believe is a clear sign is how the folks who are sending this stuff out are remaining unaffected by the transmissions. I found this image in our picture library, which is close, the microchip was significantly smaller and round with a upside down V on it, and it was under the skin on the inside of the wrist.

I know when I was done with the 50 minutes in the large field and blueprint, I felt restored, and my drive, passion, clarity and momentum was there, as it has always been.

Here are just a few of the insights shared from students who were in the field of transformation pumping while I did the work:

  • I feel it in my chest. The heaviness around my head and clogged sinuses are now releasing. I had a sense of a sort of protection to our blueprint now. — Julie C
  • Heaviness in my head is gone. — Arkady
  • I felt like I was having uncomfortable high blood pressure most of the morning but now I feel some real relief. — Zina
  • My whole body is feeling goosebumps. Things are flowing off my body. Whoa. So cool. — Katherine :)

I found 4 waves. The countries that I traced these very debilitating waves were coming from China, Korea, Russia and Middle East perhaps Pakistan. I want to remind you it is not the people but the governments sending this. I found 2 frequencies Russia and USA. Also low vibe, harmful and debilitating.

Okay so now that we have this knowledge, what can we do?

I will in the next 3 trainings of Emotional Balance continue to do big scale blueprint and field clearings. I definitely had help from our angel friends, the Golden Legions, who are always standing ready to support, lend aid and help us as well as our creator God and many others who helped. For this I am so grateful. I will be looking for non implant solutions. Anything new gets put in the mix we want to immediately silence it, this is a learning process, I do feel very good about what we've already accomplished.

I plan to offer a 6-hour marathon clearing on waves, transmissions and frequencies in early June. I'm looking at Wednesday June 5th where I would hope to clear for all participants the effect of everything being transmitted and sent our way in each of these areas fully and completely, and we will continue to look at how each are being sent, the effect of each and how to clear and be impervious to them.

I'm hoping you're feeling more yourself and some better. I know that is our big goal, and it's pretty hard for full self expression when your under some crazy mind control stuff. As far as the government and my involvement with remote viewing I did help search and rescue find some lost teenagers just at the point of hopeless to retrieve them alive. They were picked up and safe, as well I have helped the FBI on one occasion and the DA on one occasion. None of this remote viewing, all of this was to help save lives.