Miraculous Transformations in Sight and Sound. Find out how we do it!

Miraculous Transformations in Sight and Sound. Find out how we do it!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Sight and sound Sight and sound

It's soon time for our vision and hearing regenerations in Year of Miracles and I'm feeling so very excited about the prospect of helping more folks let go of their glasses, and hear the beautiful sounds of the natural world they might not be registering.

You might be wondering, how exactly does regeneration of vision and hearing work? And if I really want a big shift, can it be experienced in a group of 100-200 participants, and finally what if I can't do it live, will it still help me improve?

In both hearing and vision we're beginning with setting the energy very high. We pray, asking for Divine intervention, we affirm that we can be fully responsible for and transform all aspects of life in a human incarnation, and sing to remember our great role, creators or miracles when we live beyond the veil of human illusion and what some call reality.

From this point we then dive deep into a clearing chart specific to both the physical and metaphorical reasons for degeneration and poor function. In this clearing process which could take up to 2 hours of our 3-hour training, we're clearing sometimes thousands of things with incredible power and unimaginable results.

Once the entire class reads clear (I use kinesiology to test for all of us) then we move into cellular neo genesis of all the working parts of both hearing and vision.

The steps are basically using double pump bring the stem and master cells to 100%. When they're at their very best, matching the perfected divine human blueprint we then move onto the next step.

We activate the light of cell in both stem and master cells and begin the mirroring process improving the function and performance of all the surrounding cells. This is a lovely part of the process and I often feel a flood of cool energy move through the area being regenerated and sometimes I feel that flooding of light throughout my entire body!

And a final step in this process is activating the cascade of new cell growth coming from the stem and master cells. Each area of regeneration has a unique amount of time it will continue to produce new cells. From 30 days to 190 days of new cell growth based on the area.

Once the 3 hour process is complete participants are asked to drink plenty of water, exercise and meditate for 30 minutes a day using one of my meditations.

Here are a few of the comments we've had from the regenerative process in a group with our students I think will give you hope that you too can transform!

I did not have great vision. I cannot read without classes, and I wanted to make sure that I passed my driver's license eye test. My vision has gotten to be 50% better than it was. I can read a lot of things without readers and I passed my eye exam for my driver's license with flying colors. I am 67 years old so that is a very big deal. Now that I have made this big of a change I am looking forward to 20/20 vision 100% of the time for everything. I am ready to never have to wear glasses again...yeah! - Karen Q

The pain & tension around eyes is relaxing. The grey patch in left eye is glowing green... Thank you - Louisa

My eyes are feeling more relaxed and the photos on my wall are brighter and clearer already! - Paola

I had an intention to improve vision to 20/20 – 100% and restore great health to my eyes so I could stop the shots for wet Macular Degeneration. I knew my issues were related to spiritual interferences. As a result of attending the training my vision stabilized with glasses on. 20/20 in right eye and 20/50 in left eye. This is after the 7-hour Freedom from Parasites class and weekly Dynamism Meditations with a practice of daily half hour quantum pumping. Yes! I'm thrilled! At 74 years young I'm hoping to continue the improvements to NO more glasses and 100% free of parasite etc that are not me and BE ME! —Brenda B.

I wanted to experience a quantum transformation in my vision the problem was I had a scratched cornea that was so troublesome I could feel in my right eye for about 3 months. The day after I did the vision class, I woke up with a completely healed cornea! I also hoped to reduce my near-sightedness. The last time I applied for a driver's license (almost 5 years ago), for the first time, I had to wear glasses to pass my eye test, which meant that my driver's license listed the need to wear glasses on it (which I rarely did since I don't really like to wear glasses.) It actually could have been an issue if I got in a car accident while driving without wearing glasses. Anyway, a few weeks after I did the vision program, I had to go and renew my driver's license. And amazingly, I didn't need glasses to pass the eye test — and the requirement to wear glasses was removed! —Lori T

Year of Miracles is a foundational regeneraive program and outside of the one-to-one Miraculous Program with me, is the only place you can grow your entire body younger and healthier during the course of a year. I encourage students to continue for 2-5 years as each regeneration yields a documented 15%-35% improvement.

Sometimes changes are internal and not felt on an external level, and there is nothing wrong with that the more we shift and change the closer we are to our great goals of fully growing younger and healthier, living life fully self expressed with vibrancy and love.

These regenerations are only open to committed students who are on a year long path of fully addressing the entire body, not just an isolated part of the body. I hear so often when folks join the Year of Miracles or Apprentice program, they wouldn't have thought they needed some of the things I include in the trainings. Understand I am looking like the hawk at the big picture and what yields the best result and we are not isolated parts, we are a living breathing integrated spirit in body (whole shabang human blueprint) and all parts equally need nurturing clearings and regenerations.

Are you ready for a healthier better body with vision and hearing fine tuned?

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