Money, the false illusion of security and moving out of fear

Money, the false illusion of security and moving out of fear

written by: Miss Stef Baker
by: Miss Stef Baker
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Today I thought I would talk about something that is still somewhat of a widespread misconception on the nature of reality, and lends itself to a huge amount of fear and stress amongst the human race on a day to day basis, at times, even in the most subtlest of ways, with the constant underlying worry of paying bills on time, the worry of being liked among peers, or even the subtle stress of showing up late to work. All lend themselves to the same compromised state that wreak havoc on a person's health and wellbeing.

Stress of course, being the emotional vibrational state in which emotional and physical imbalances present themselves in the body. The word 'security, by definition means 'a state of being free from danger or threat'. It is an idea created on the illusion of needing some sense of protection from something else, often viewed as completely out of your control. It asks that you hand over your own sense of responsibility or power, to something that is more capable of tending to your needs then you are. We have created a whole consumer market based on this idea of needing protection. Car insurance, life insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, security deposits, credit checks ect ect and as a result, consumer behaviours that demand a band of physical protection when a person in a state of compromised awareness and becomes labelled as unpredictable to its environment such as in the act of binge drinking. All of which are unsurprisingly, however far you trace it back, centred around money.

Money was a system created as the energetic exchange of relative value. It is, an easy way for the human mind to track the exchange of its incomings and outgoings but when abused in nature, becomes a powerhouse all on its own, generating widespread fear like nothing else in the world.

When you think about it objectively, ask yourself, does it seem right that, in a world where there is enough to tend to everyone's basic human survival needs (when you take greed and hierarchy out of the picture) should you decide to say, not pay for your car tax, that someone else has the right to fine you an extortionate amount of money and on refusal, give you a criminal record, all for driving on a road that already exists, in a car that you have already paid for? This type of threat is inhumane and demands a relative exchange far beyond its worth in weight. This is an example of abuse of a system and it happens everywhere. The only way that this stays alive, is by individuals allowing it continue and agreeing to these terms. Look at how many ways we pay tax, even though, by creation of its own laws, it is actually illegal to tax a person more than once on anything? We pay road tax, working tax, council tax and also pay an additional tax for every product we buy off the shelves, everytime you go shopping, but we have become so consumed in this market, that we don't see the astronomically unbalanced exchange that we are agreeing to everytime we participate in these activities. Why? Because stepping away from something that the body feels 'enjoyment' from for the sake of the greater good of all, is the most challenging aspect for any person to overcome because it asks that you take full responsibility back for your own actions, right down to your part as a connected citizen of planet earth and when recognised as something that ultimately needs to change, automatically generates a feeling of sacrifice which sends the ego into control power trip central. (You'll know when this happens because it will start trying to pick out all the parts of your life in which you feel hard done to and start to find justifiable reasons why you do this or do that).

The fundamental structure of a government, is a body given the authority to govern (control) a state or country. Think about the recent elections, the arguments were all based around who was going to direct the money in the most honourable and suitable way. No one asked questions beyond why there was a demand for more money to go into the NHS and why there was an exponential increasing demand for more assistance in that area, only who was going to throw the most money and workers at the 'problem'. 99% of people that end up in the hospitals or needing care is an indirect manifestation of being stressed which automatically puts the body into a compromised emotional state generated from the person's environment and continued interactions and exchanges. We are simply feeding this by not being aware of our part.

It is time to step outside the current systems that operate and ask the route causes of why? Throwing money at a situation is a plaster approach. Money cannot solve anything, only add more fuel to something and by accepting responsibility for 'solving' these problems in the way that the current system operates just initiates cleverly hidden and 'justified' tax rises, more hidden costs and other relative factors that indirectly puts extra strain on individuals that, you guessed it, puts them into a compromised health state so they behave in an animalistic survival manner that eventually impacts their health and wellbeing, either through generating their own addictions to try and bypass the stress (and you can be addicted to ANYTHING), or by putting so much pressure on their health and wellbeing that their body starts to break down, leading to the rise in a demand for care. This is when stress becomes full blown embedded trauma, something I see regularly when working one to one with individuals that is much harder to unravel and balance out. It is a self perpetuating cycle of operation, that will not be solved by any government but by the individual stepping away, saying no, and coming up with new ways for us to operate. It is, and always has been, up to you to change what you don't like seeing in the outside world, by changing how you behave and what you CHOOSE to participate in with the greater good involved as part of your honest decision making process.

Arguing about who should run the country won't get you anywhere, it is a smoke and mirror trigger for you to look inside yourself and ask yourself why you are expending so much energy on deciding who will be better making those decisions about your life then you are.

When the fear starts to creep in about not being able to pay bills, or making a decision about about what you know, deep down is best for you and the greater good and universal law dictates that those in agreement with serving the greater good of the whole as well as the self, will always have their needs met, however much it asks you to step out into the unknown (often accompanied by a feeling of nervousness or uncertainty from the mind not being able to formulate a linear structure to your decision, but this is a far truer indication you are headed in the right direction, rather than if the brain takes on a stance of righteousness that comes with 'standing up for something') but a feeling that disappears after you feel the rush of freedom that comes with taking total responsibility for your part. Your gut and your heart will always tell you what move to make, even in the face of great adversity, if you just learn to step aside, accept fear is there as a part of you, but you are infinite and nothing, ever can take away your sovereign nature as a human being and for those of you new to the concept of reincarnation and the infinite nature of a soul. Scientifically speaking, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transmuted and transformed, so with that in mind, even if your brain cannot grasp the concept of infinity and infinite experience, just be assured that it doesn't need to but that is just a result of this particular experience (the human experience) of tracking time in a linear fashion. It doesn't mean that it isn't real or doesn't happen.

Money only has as much power as you give it. To treat is as a co-worker means looking at the deeper picture of learning how to balance its relative worth. This takes time and an awareness of being prepared to look at the bigger picture to communicate with it and how you work with each other, in the same way you would communicate with someone that can talk back to you. To make it more relatable, ask yourself this, would you give your time openly and regularly to someone that you knew was taking advantage of you, offering you things they never actually follow through with and basically using you as a battery pack for their own greed and self worth? Of course not, you'd exit the situation as soon as you recognised what was happening, so why offer yourself in the same way to a system of exchange? It offers the same choices, the only difference is that there is just more of a widespread fear around it that you have to overcome; even when others around you maybe don't understand your actions and try to talk you out of it, but all you have to do is recognise that you have the power in the same way.

Security, is a false illusion. There is, and always will be, enough here for everyone. You don't need to fight for it, only to tune into your own innate nature and know when to act out of inspired action and not out of fear.

It would be foolish to expect the entire consumer market to collapse as it currently operates immediately but their are ways that you can start to help direct it in a balanced way as continued movement is always much easier to deal with then a total collapse and annihilation. Don't like participating in the consumer food market with complete dependency on the supermarket being open? Learn to grow your own food! Don't like watching people lying in the gutters every Saturday night vulnerable and drunk out of their face when you're just going out for a few quiet ones? Stop drinking, choose something else to do on a Saturday night and stop giving power to that particular market and trend. Don't think its fair with how a company chooses to pay their workers? Don't buy from them or visit them and buy from somewhere that you agree with their ethics. Don't like that we still, in this day and age, think that war is a reputable way for conflict resolution? Stop promoting the idea of war and teach your children a different way to resolve issues so that they don't feel the need to join the army. Anything can only continue to operate when it appeals to a greater audience to keep it functioning and alive. If this functioning is directed by fear, then that is the indicator it is headed for collapse and needs to change.

As always, the only person with any control over you, is the person you CHOOSE to give that control to.

Written by Stef Baker