Morning Routines That Will Help Your Skin Glow in a Week

Morning Routines That Will Help Your Skin Glow in a Week

written by: Miss Lisa
by: Miss Lisa
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Have you tried every product and list of top tips you can find which can allegedly enhance your skin's health and yet still waiting for some miracle to happen? If this is so, then you got it all wrong!

You don't need a miracle to get clearer, more glowing skin. What you need is a diet plan, lifestyle changes, and better product choices to make the shift. If you get these right, one week is all you'll need to see visible and noticeable results that last. It all starts by jumpstarting a morning skincare routine that will favor your skin in its healthier state to show.

How your morning routine should look like

Sticking to a morning routine that promotes proper skin health and that is suited for your skin type and age is a core requirement for glowing skin to happen. Below is a step-by-step routine guide that will speed up your skin's repair and recovery so that you can see a visibly more beautiful, brighter skin by Day 7:

Step 1: Cleanse. Start your morning routine with a cleanse. Even when you have a predominantly dry skin, washing off excess oil, dirt and other skin impurities is a step you cannot afford to miss in the morning.

Step 2: Exfoliate. Do it twice in a week only. Any more than that will unnecessarily strip off your skin's natural oils. Use only an exfoliant that contains the gentle sloughing off action of alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid, citric acid and lactic acid in your morning routine. The concentration you need will depend on your skin type and skin issues. Sensitive skin types should use only low concentrations.

Step 3: Tone. Immediately follow up your cleanse or exfoliation with a toner. Take care that your toner is not made with alcohol else, instead of helping you arrest moisture from evaporating, alcohol will leave your skin even drier.

Step 4: Moisturize. Bring back moisture lost from cleansing and exfoliating by using a moisturizer. Basic moisturizer will work for very young skin, usually 30 years and below. Older skin types should use a combination highly moisture and antioxidant packing power of ampoules, essences and eye creams too.

Make sure that none of your daytime products use retinol or any of its derivatives in its formulation. Retinol-containing products can be expensive so it'll be a waste to allow these to degrade when left to come into contact with heat and sunlight.

Step 5: Use sunscreen. Allow your new routine to help your skin catch up with the damage that has already been done. Wear sunscreen to prevent further damage as well as additional dark spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging from showing.

Use at least a sunscreen that is SPF 30 for use on a regular day, and higher for times when you expect plenty of sun time including spending days on the beach. A Clinique Sunscreen review claims that the product is good for daily use and does not get in the way of make up

The rest of your beauty routine

Naturally, you can't possibly solve your skin woes if you fail to directly address other factors that affect skin health, the following factors first and foremost:

1. Get on a regenerative night time routine. Support your skin in repair and regeneration by boosting your skin's levels of antioxidants, moisture, peptides and retinols at night.

2. Get on a healthy eating habit. It's time to rehash your diet plan. Pack in more fresh foods into your diet while minimizing salts, sugars, fats and most processed foods. Learn to prepare your meals hot and fresh. Get all the daily levels of nutrients you need without packing the useless calories and your skin will also appreciate the shift.

3. Exercise. Get the natural glow only a good exercise routine can get. Exercise three to four times a week or, stay active through your daily routines.

4. Sleep well. If a positive Clinique Sunscreen review benefits your skin during the day, sleeping for at least 7 hours at night is all you need to wake up with dewier, more beautiful skin.

5. Manage your stresses. Never let stress manage you. Find time for relaxation to recharge your mind, body and spirit.


Start believing that 7 days is all you need to see that beautiful skin you've been working hard to achieve for years!