Mothers Day, 4000 Angels Heal and Revelations of Sleep

Mothers Day, 4000 Angels Heal and Revelations of Sleep

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Mothers-day Mothers-day

Being the source of and guide for love and living is the task mothers are charged with doing. Unending giving, a source of constant encouragement and guidance, in the early years teaching boundaries, respect and compassion as well as guiding in education, spiritual matters, chauffeuring, communication skills. Gosh as I write this I feel like there are more than 100 roles we play at any given time in our children's lives.

I know there are business coaches and professional speakers who encourage one to thank servicemen in uniform in airports for their service. I agree they deserve our thanks, but I think even more, the moms of the world deserve our recognition and thanks for the great work they do, mostly unrecognized and unseen. Please for the next week, as many opportunities as you can, thank a mom for her service. Buy her a cup of tea/coffee if she's standing behind you in a Starbucks, gift her a single rose from your garden, if she's your neighbor, just find surprising ways to say thanks for being in service to humanity, we all appreciate the love and care you bring to the job of mothering.

And let me extend my full heartfelt thanks to each mom, and there are many in our community. I love and appreciate you and the good work you're doing. You are my heroine!

We've had such an amazing week of revelation, and magic, I've had to stop and reflect on what an extraordinary week it really was.

In Best Me Ever we seemed to make an hour feel like 3 hours, we did so very much including a big blueprint clearing: (1) Friendship with body from spirit (2) Self-love from birth (3) Belonging and being here from emotions working confidence from 4 unique perspectives blissfully wonderful: Thank you very much a wonderful class we had! Thank you for the beautiful words! I cannot but admire you! Thank you for the blessings you generously provide for us! Annetti and All these clearings seem to apply to me. Thank you for everything you do!! I'm now committed to living the life I am meant to live! Leigh Ann, were just 2 of the beautiful comments from a class of very happy attendees.

Essence broke the sound barrier of transformation for our quantum academy, never before did we have such a humongous miracle space, as our close to 100 students received a full restoration of spirit along with 4000 Angel spirits, receiving the same blessing. It was a training I'll remember the rest of my life, as the Supreme Being and many of our helper spirits were very present to help hold space and support the incredible restoration of spirit, one much needed, and celebrated! (Essence is still open but you must do trainings 1 and 2 to attend live as each training builds on the previous one.

And our surprise sleeper training produced unexpected revelations and work with each student's high self to free them from programs allowing spiritual interferences to progress from one lifetime to another, sneaking in on a deceptive agreement with soul family. I also did 11 blueprint clearings, and we became aware of and were clearing interferences 1-3 all of whom are stealing our energy, life force, and energy from light of cell while we sleep. Time to put an end to that, right?!! Clearing Sleep Invaders is still open but you must do the first training and 2 hours of homework to attend the 2nd training.

Since we did this class last year, my horrific nightmares stopped and I've started having beautiful dreams. It's so new and wonderful! Thanks for these very thorough charts Feels peaceful. This all does feel intense and rooted but it's shifting It does feel like it's ending a kind of slavery. Carole

I'm thrilled with the profound knowledge and comprehension of that is pouring into our trainings. We're breaking through barriers never before seen.

So, a week of miracles, magic and profound healing. And in the midst of it all Adelia was ill, healed and we seemed to have found a better rhythm for her little behavioral challenges! (I'm thinking some grateful angels are giving us some help, and we are very grateful!)