My Creativity keeps me Going

My Creativity keeps me Going

written by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
Little angelina Little angelina

My Thoughts to share

Hi, I am a Scleroderma patient and I wish to share my positive story. Firstly I have nearly 12 diseases including Scleroderma.And I found out that another added one is Diabetes. All this is saying to me is my body is fighting to survive, so I must be proactive in looking after it the best I can. I am Poet, Published writer, Angel card and Crystal Card reader and I love drawing and I love nature and animals. Whatever brings me joy is what I focus on every day, the care of my body then comes naturally and I say to myself, how lucky I am t o be alive, breathing and still functioning.I am never alone, my faith guides me throughout each day.I am a great intuitive and listen to my constant thoughts of well being, they are my healing.My Book, THE GIFT WITHIN is a poetry Journal of my enlightenment as I travel with life and the many challenges.To me, being creative, sharing your feelings is the best medicine in the world. Love and light to you all

Thank you for being here on my journey

Margie XX